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NEW MUSIC: “Out Here Gettin’ Money” – Raz Simone

Raz Simone

Episode 5 of Raz Simone’s slooooow build-up to the January release of his Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2 is called “Out Here Gettin’ Money,” and it’s about much more than just, well, being out there gettin’ money. Stay for the spoken word part at the end for the between-the-lines.

NEW MUSIC: “Annex” – Thaddeus David (prod. by SSA)

Thaddeus David - Annex

Thaddeus David stays crazy prolific, prepping the December 22 release of his EP Parallels with producer SSA. “Annex” is the first leak from that record and it diverges from his trap modus operandi of late with an understated beat and dusty sample.

NEW MUSIC: Winter Breaks – Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy - Winter Breaks

Seattle producer Marcus D and Maryland rapper Substantial are Bop Alloy. Winter Breaks is the EP follow-up to their Kickstarter funded Another Day in the Life of… which dropped back in February. Marcus keeps a relatively low profile around the Town but his beats are accomplished pieces of boom-bap often with live instrumentation and a clear sense of composition. Winter Breaks is an inclusive celebration of (all) the Holidays.

NEW MUSIC: “What It Is” – Kublakai (feat. Symmetry & Marcus Wheat)

Kubi - What It Is

Working creative and grad student Kublakai dropped the latest single from his Wheels Up EP (the deluxe package edition of which is available now with the digital version due February 2, 2014). “What It Is” is an artist’s statement of sorts featuring the vocals of Symmetry and the trumpet of Marcus Wheat. It all comes together like alchemy.

NEW MUSIC: “U Crazy” – The Flavr Blue (feat. Marc E. Bassy)

The Flavr Blue - U Crazy

Lose yourself to dance over this celebration of the more unhinged among us. “U Crazy” is a new one-off from Seattle electro-pop trio The Flavr Blue. Vocalist Marc E. Bassy hops on the ride, too.

NEW MUSIC: “Try You” – Malice Sweet (prod. by Jake One)

Malice Sweet - Try You

Malice Sweet — normally heard singing alongside real-life partner Mario Sweet as contributing vocalists to The Physics — goes for dolo here for the first time over a smooth Jake One track.


NEW MUSIC: “amethyst.snatchers” – Dex Amora (prod. by E. Grady)


Dex Amora drops a (ahem) jewel in his new track with producer E. Grady. “amethyst.snatchers” (lowercase and misplaced period, theirs) is a downtempo, jazzy rumination. It’s worth your time, as is the MC’s Aura EP.


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