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SHOW: Hiero Day Oakland, CA – Monday, September 1, 2014

hieroday oakland

What’s good, Bay Area family? You’re probably already up on this, but coming up on Monday, September 1st is the region’s annual Hiero Day, featuring an outstanding lineup of hip-hop including (but not limited to) Seattle’s own Sol and The Bar (well, half of The Bar, anyway). Best of all, it’s FREE! #KeepHieroDayFree

VIDEO: “Can’t Change Us” – Prospect & Bryce Bowden (feat. Greg Cypher)

Budget video, budget grill, budget swimming pool; but the track rings true and so do the Honor Roll affiliates who rap on it. Bryce Bowden (that’s the dude on the roof) is one untied shoelace away from a Jackass video. I can dig it, tho. AK Romero behind the lens.

NEW MUSIC: Critical Summer – Bolo Nef (aka Critical Sun)

Critical Summer - Bolo Nef

LSD and a hotter-than-average summer in Seattle led Underworld Dust Funk general Bolo Nef to a new moniker (Critical Sun) and this Critical Summer EP. If it’s too deep for you, that’s probably ‘cuz you’re not high.

VIDEO: “Trillion” – HeatWave, Spaceman & Ill Chris (dir. by Oso Smooth)

It’s too early for this where I live. But I suppose it’s the right time somewhere in the world. Do they call hundred dollar bills “Benjamins” in Canada? Probably not. Ask Vancouver’s HeatWave the next time you see him. Also starring Spaceman and Ill Chris (fka Logics).

VIDEO: “Cops” – Nu Era (dir. by Amir Zahed)

A timely video from the Nu Era crew from their brief but assertive A Start 2 The Beginning EP.

VIDEO: “And 1 (Won)” – Yirim Seck

Blog favorite Yirim Seck with a new video for his track “And 1 (Won)” from last year’s excellent Audio D’oeuvres.

VIDEO: “Young Casanovas” – Aaron Cohen (feat. ABGOHARD)

Seattle to Queens transplant Aaron Cohen preps the release of his clique’s mixtape, the self-titled Inner City Kids (due this fall), by pushing the limits of good taste and violating a couple dozen NYC building codes in his new clip for “Young Casanovas,” featuring teammate ABGOHARD.


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