Brothers From Another - Windows Down

VIDEO: “Windows Down” – Brothers From Another (feat. Dave B; dir. by Jon Holman)

Good things happen in empty parking lots on rainy Seattle nights. Brothers From Another come a little harder than you’re used to — albeit not without a dose of their trademark playfulness — in “Windows Down” featuring fellow Seattle rap youth Dave B. From BFA’s recent 3-Peat EP. Video directed by Jon Holman, track produced by Gus Goldman and Nima Skeemz.

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Randy Robbins - The Worthy James

VIDEO: “The Worthy James” – Randy Robbins

Randy Robbins blends themes of Christianity, relevant parable and hip-hop period piece mash-up into his new video “The Worthy James” (probably a reference to either this James or this James, but likely not this James). The clip is no small feat and an indicator of why Randy is one of Seattle hip-hop’s underrated creative minds. Check out the rapper’s recent The Grass Is Always Yellower.

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D Valley

AUDIO: “If You Want It” – D Valley (feat. Freeway & The Jacka; prod. by DPro Beats)

D Valley - If You Want It

Came through late on this joint, but shout-out to D Valley for sending the press anyway. “If You Want It” features Philadelphia stalwart Freeway and the Bay Area’s late, great The Jacka. Street rap touchesĀ  down in all corners of AmeriKKKA and it’s dope to see Seattle as an origination point. From D’s Live From The Hood Vol. 3.

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Sam Lachow - Cadillacs & Videos

VIDEO: “Cadillacs & Videos” – Sam Lachow (feat. Magik & Ariana DeBoo)

Free-wheeling, free-spirited antics feature prominently in Sam Lachow’s new video “Cadillacs & Videos” from the rapper’s equally maverick Huckleberry. Magik and Ariana DeBoo lend aspirational soul. Catch Sam live on tour with Futuristic when they hit your city.

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To Nate Dogg

VIDEO: “To: Nate Dogg” – Wanz (feat. Warren G, Grynch & Crytical)

Wanz — and friends Warren G, Grynch and Crytical — now have the appropriate high-def to go along with their West Coast dedication to the late Nate Dogg.

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LIVE COVERAGE: Hollow Earth Radio’s Magma Fest – Friday, 3.13.15

Hollow Earth Radio: Magma Fest, feat. Porter Ray, Astro King Phoenix, OCnotes, and JusMoni | Hollow Earth Radio Studios | Friday, February 13, 2015

Words by Emery Desper. Photography by JK Scroggins.

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Raz 3

AUDIO: “That Ain’t Love” – Raz Simone (feat. Leezy Soprano & Pusha T)

That Aint Love - Raz Leezy Pusha

Raz Simone with yet another drop: “That Ain’t Love” finds the rapper imploring motherfuckers to start acting right. Tacoma’s Leezy Soprano and the renowned King Push splatter venom all over the trap, too. If you’re down in Austin this week, watch for Raz and his bandmates roving around SxSW in a solar-powered bus. No joke.

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AUDIO: “Baby Jesus” – Raz Simone

Baby Jesus - Raz Simone

You ever wake up in the morning, take a good long hard look in the mirror and think, Good got-damn that is one sexy-ass motherfucker? Self-worship to the nth degree on Raz Simone’s “Baby Jesus,” from the upcoming album of the same name (due April 7). Raz takes no days off and never has a bad hair day.

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AUDIO: “Pretty Girl” – The Flavr Blue (feat. YMTK)

Pretty Girl - TFB

The Flavr Blue inhabit the spirit of DJ Mustard on “Pretty Girl,” a new single from the trio featuring Oakland’s YMTK (Young Murph The Kid). The recipe here is simple — bounce + synth + four-note key progression — but the result is resplendent like the late afternoon sun setting on the Pacific.

New Yorkers: Catch The Flavr Blue’s DJ gig at Brooklyn Bowl, April 10.

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