AUDIO: “MoorThanLess3″ – Thaddeus David


Thaddeus David - MoorThanLess3

Moor Gang’s Thaddeus David with a proverbial banger. “MoorThanLess3″ is one track in three parts, allowing you to execute your three go-to dance moves in under four minutes.

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All Star Opera

AUDIO: Tax Season Special – All Star Opera (prod. by Breve)

Nothing’s free during tax season — except for this two-piece EP from All Star Opera. Tax Season Special finds ASO rappers Flow Carter and Oz trading the mic over producer Breve’s organic, Golden Era throwbacks.

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AUDIO: “Jealousy” – Ryan Caraveo (prod. by L.E.K.)

Ryan Caraveo - Jealousy

Ryan Caraveo answers his detractors with a new song called “Jealousy” (produced by L.E.K.). The message here: work hard and don’t waste your youth dwelling on peripheral opinion, lest you become the person who ends up hating the new version of yourself. Or something.

(And for post-listening exposition: Critics get old, cranky and end up eating their own tails. Discuss.)

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Raz Simone

AUDIO: “That Nigga” – Raz Simone

Raz Simone - That Nigga

A punctuation mark and some friendly advice for fakes, from Raz Simone: “Your outfit cost more than your life savings… You should budget.” Produced by Antwon Vinson and Raz.

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Ronnie Dylan

VIDEO: “Dig Deep” – Ronnie Dylan (feat. Fatal Lucciauno)

Ronnie Dylan dropped this engaging, contemplative video for “Dig Deep,” a track from his recent ambitious Manumission which features a starring turn (both rapping- and acting-wise) from Fatal Lucciauno. Watch to the end. Directed by Jeremy Millar.

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Sax G

AUDIO: “Quotient” – Sax G

Sax G - Quotient

Producer/rapper/singer Sax G brings his heady methodology to “Quotient,” the flowing, rhythmic first drop from his upcoming Lullaby of the Forbidden Dancer, out May 18, 2015.

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

AUDIO: “Love Yourself” – Brothers From Another (feat. Mario Sweet)

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

In advance of their Locals Only show coming up this Saturday night at Neumos, Brothers From Another (featuring Mario Sweet crooning and Nima Skeemz and Elan Wright on production) present a synth-heavy, bouncy pop ditty, “Love Yourself.” A musical pat on the back in preparation for summer.

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