NEW MUSIC: “No Worries” – Dark Time Sunshine

DTS - No Worries

Dark Time Sunshine kicks off their West Coast / Southwest / Midwest tour tonight at the Vera Project in Seattle. Submit yourselves to the duo’s heady brand of Sennheiser rap; it will make for a disorienting Friday work day, the way all Friday work days should be. Their 2012 record, ANX, remains one of the most engaging listens of the last five years. Oh, and they dropped this loosie a few days ago called “No Worries.”

NEW MUSIC: “What Love Will Do” – Bari Bux (feat. Chev; prod. by Kuddie Fresh)

Bari Bux - What Love Will Do

Cream Team member Bari Bux with a new drop: “What Love Will Do,” produced by Kuddie Fresh and featuring Chev.

NEW MUSIC: “You Wouldn’t Know” – Aaron Cohen (feat. Alexander Spit; prod. by Eff.Dope)

Aaron Cohen - You Wouldn't Know feat Alexander Spit

Slow roll psychedelics from Seward Park —> Queens, NY rapper Aaron Cohen (with some help from Cali agent Alexander Spit). “You Wouldn’t Know” is the title track to Aaron’s upcoming EP dropping September 22.

NEW MUSIC: Lost And Found Features 2007-2014 – Thaddeus David

Thaddeus David - Lost And Found Features

Newly minted in aggregate is this collection of joints that rapper Thaddeus David has featured on between the years 2007 and 2014. A nice piece to round out your collection of 206 rarities and deep cuts.

NEW MUSIC: “Make It Last” – Wizdom (prod. by Exoticey)

Wizdom - Make It Last

Wizdom teamed up with local producer Exoticey — winner of a Kickstarter promotion for Wiz’s recent The Last Step — for “Make It Last,” a 206 rap spin on Keith Sweat’s OG love ballad, “Make It Last Forever.”

NEW MUSIC: “Funk Break” – Theoretics (feat. Moe Betta)

Theoretics - Funk Break feat Moe Betta

Theoretics are a five piece hip-hop/electronica band who specialize in live instrumentation. Their “One A Month” series of single releases kicks off with “Funk Break” featuring Moe Betta. Stream it below and download it if you’re so moved.

VIDEO: “Buck The Fullshit” – Avatar Darko (dir. by Cheok)

Um, there’s a lot going on here. From Av’s latest Soviet Goonion 3, downloadable here.


NEW MUSIC: “Day Drink” – Brothers From Another (prod. by Flynt Renolds)

BFA - Day Drink

Just in time for tomorrow, Brothers From Another lose their phones and grass stain their kicks. “Day Drink” is the first in BFA’s “Adventures of Los Hermanos” singles series.

NEW MUSIC: Soviet Goonion 3 – Avatar Darko

AD - SG3

Avatar Darko puts the hat trick on his Soviet Goonion mixtape series. Part 3 is up for your consideration now at this location. Preview the last two leaks below.

VIDEO: “New Wa$hington Order (N.WA.O.)” – Cake & $alad

Cake and $alad are Honor Roll champions (same family as the beloved Kung Foo Grip, if you’re drawing Seattle rap family trees). Their FRVR UNDRGRND is worth a few spins. “New Wa$hington Order” is from that collection and it cares way more about being dope than you.

VIDEO: “Float” – Porter Ray (dir. by Malcolm Proctor & Astro King Phoenix)

Porter Ray quietly dropped this video for “Float” (off his BLK GLD LP of last year) back in April. PR’s flow is the aural equivalent of a perfectly meandering channel of water. Smoke one in a quiet forest and watch a stream eddy and progress by. You’ll see what I mean.

NEW MUSIC: “Everything” – Thaddeus David (feat. T Spoon & Stewart Villain)

Thaddeus David - Everything

Moor Gang’s Thaddeus David (with help from neighbors in the PDX, T Spoon and Stewart Villain) re-imagines a classic beat for “Everything”, a summer riding anthem suitable for anyone residing on the West Coast of these contiguous states.

NEW MUSIC: School Daze – Dave B & Justo


School Daze is the new collaborative project between young Seattle upstart Dave B and the quickly-approaching-venerable-producer-status Justo (of The Physics). Its nine tracks blend breezily together thanks to Just’s boom-bap meets new school soul production and Dave’s effortless observant charm. School Daze is one of the most worthy 206 releases of the year and it’s available for free, dammit. Preview three of the EPs songs below and click Dave’s flashing head above to get it via Dropbox.


NEW MUSIC: “Hayek Bellucci” – Massiah & Ka.lil (prod. by Uce Wayne)

Massiah & Ka.lil - Hayek x Bellucci

We’re four days late on the uptake here, but OTOW Gang’s Massiah and Ka.lil dropped this ode to moms (including Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci) last Sunday, and we thought it deserved a late mention. This is the first single from the duo’s upcoming Kush & Yo Mama Jokes, undoubtedly a deadly combination. Uce Wayne behind the boards.

NEW MUSIC: “Trojan” – Sol (prod. by Jack The Ripper)

Sol - Trojan

Sol’s public service announcement. For your penis. Happy Friday!

NEW MUSIC: “Heavenly” – Ka.lil (prod. by RLGN)

Ka.lil - Heavenly

Ka.lil and Vancouver’s RLGN team-up again for “Heavenly”, a breezy spin around the block for exercise and higher learning.

NEW MUSIC: “Our Girlfriend” – Donte Peace (prod. by Adot The God)

Donte Peace - Our Girlfriend

Donte Peace takes a sinister victory lap after scooping some other dude’s lady on “Our Girlfriend”. It’s more of that possession-is-nine-tenths-of-the-law bullshit men indiscriminately apply to relationships with members of the opposite sex. When done with an even-handed dramatic flourish it can be interesting — subversive even. This doesn’t get there, though.

VIDEO: “Still Around” – Aaron Cohen (feat. Hefna Gwap)

South Seattleite turned Queens resident Aaron Cohen dropped this video, “Still Around” (featuring Hefna Gwap), a few weeks ago. Shot at the now-defunct Five Points in Long Island City, Queens, here we have your classic NYC crew-mobbing around an ice cream truck video paradigm. This from Cohen’s Potential Fans mixtape released late last year.


NEW MUSIC: Bornday 2 – Vitamin D

Vitamin D - Born Day 2

Vitamin D’s presence is our present… For this birthday. Or something. Bornday 2 is the latest LP from the venerable Town producer, DJ and MC. Essential soulful slaps, and other alliterative phrases apply to this standout collection. (See, also: the first volume of Born Day.)

VIDEO: “Somebody Else” – Randy Robbins

It’s dope to see former 206UP TrackMeet winners continuing to create. Randy Robbins has an epic beard and nice message in his new song and video, “Somebody Else”.

NEW MUSIC: “The Devil Is A Lie (Talk My Shit)” – Romaro Franceswa

Romaro Franceswa - The Devil Is A Lie

Yukmob member and thrower of lyrical darts Romaro Franceswa gives the beat all it can handle on his latest single, “The Devil Is A Lie (Talk My Shit)”. Not much to do other than geek out to this one.

NEW MUSIC: “Juice” – Donte Peace

Donte Peace - Juice

Donte Peace’s self-produced “Juice” is all tense piano keys and dimly-lit tenement building nostalgia. Who out there knew Steel survived that bullet all along?

NEW MUSIC: Girl Rap – Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab - Girl Rap

For our money, Seattle’s most exciting lyricist of the moment might be Moor Gang’s Gifted Gab. From out the blue, she dropped a new mixtape yesterday: Girl Rap. It features a grip of the usual Moor suspects but Gabby outshines — and outpaces — them all.

VIDEO: “Dreams” – Minority Report (feat. Alla)

Minority Report (Genk and Matt The Dude) are former winners of 206UP’s The TrackMeet competition and they just dropped a new video: “Dreams” is a jazz-infused, Golden Era-inspired track featuring vocalist Alla. Download the joint here.


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