NEW MUSIC: Enemy Within The Original Soundtrack – Nate Omdal & Spekulation

Enemy Within Soundtrack

Seattle-based producers/composers Nate Omdal and Spekulation scored the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed short film Enemy Within, an engrossing allegorical quasi-documentary featuring four of the most accomplished dancers in their respective genres. Even if dance isn’t necessarily your “thing” — and I’m certainly no expert on the art form — this film will hold you rapt for its entire 18 minute running time. That’s owed to the incredible ranges of motion exhibited by the film’s principle dancers who interpret Omdal and Spek’s vital instrumentals beautifully and evocatively. Enemy Within The Original Soundtrack shows the impressive range of these two Seattle musicians, both known for their work in hip-hop; here their compositions are also informed by jazz, classical and electronic music.


NEW MUSIC: Locals Only – Donte Peace

Donte Peace - Locals Only

Seattle rap upstart Donte Peace dropped this new EP, Locals Only, last month. According to the artist, there are two sides to this album’s story: Side A is “relaxed” and “chill,” and Side B is full of “bangers.” You be the judge.

NEW MUSIC: “Future is Bright” – Theoretics (feat. Shelton Harris)

Theoretics - Future Is Bright

Fresh for your Monday: the Theoretics with their latest One A Month drop, “Future is Bright,” featuring young Shelton Harris. Grab it for free below.

VIDEO: “Cops” – Nu Era (dir. by Amir Zahed)

A timely video from the Nu Era crew from their brief but assertive A Start 2 The Beginning EP.

NEW MUSIC: “Turn Up” – Caz Greez (feat. Bolo Nef & Nacho Picasso)

Turn Up - Caz Greez

Caz Greez and Bolo Nef, friends from the Underworld Dust Funk collective, exact a plot to destroy the “Turn Up,” by getting decidedly turnt down in this new track featuring Nacho Picasso. We’re running this in the morning, but it sounds like these cats never went to sleep.

NEW MUSIC: “Blame It On My Youth” – Brothers From Another (prod. by Nima Skeemz)

Blame it on My Youth - BFA

“Born in ’92” is the new “In this economy.” You can get away with anything if your generation’s right.

NEW MUSIC: “Sunsets” – Theoretics (feat. Grynch & Afrok)

Sunsets - Theoretics

From their “One A Month” release series, Theoretics recently dropped this soulful, introspective cut featuring Grynch and Olympia’s Afrok. Worth a spin.


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