Thaddeus David - Parallels

NEW MUSIC: Parallels – Thaddeus David (prod. by SSA)

Thaddeus David renews his commitment to the classic form of hip-hop with this new four piece EP, Parallels, featuring producer SSA. Check the structured boom-bap on this brief but focused gem and the fly b-boy pose on the cover.

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Spekulation - Language of Peace

NEW MUSIC: “Christmas at Westlake” – Spekulation

Spekulation - Language of PeaceThat damn rabble-rouser Spekulation (in conjunction with producer collective Filthy Fingers United) celebrates “Christmas at Westlake.” It ain’t all good, people, remember that. Grab the new FFU compilation tape Language of Peace below.

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ASO - Tie Die Brain Cells

NEW MUSIC: Tie Dye Brain Cells – All Star Opera

ASO - Tie Die Brain Cells

All Star Opera is a quartet of MCs and producers whose hazy focus is trained on the state of their youth and the undetermined path wrought by living through that experience. Their new EP, Tie Dye Brain Cells, is a freewheeling motion of live instrumentation and loose rap chatter which generally pleases the ear. Check out the album below and peep ASO’s video for “Flight School” below that.

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NEW MUSIC: Winter Breaks – Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy - Winter Breaks

Seattle producer Marcus D and Maryland rapper Substantial are Bop Alloy. Winter Breaks is the EP follow-up to their Kickstarter funded Another Day in the Life of… which dropped back in February. Marcus keeps a relatively low profile around the Town but his beats are accomplished pieces of boom-bap often with live instrumentation and a clear sense of composition. Winter Breaks is an inclusive celebration of (all) the Holidays.

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NEW MUSIC: “What It Is” – Kublakai (feat. Symmetry & Marcus Wheat)

Kubi - What It Is

Working creative and grad student Kublakai dropped the latest single from his Wheels Up EP (the deluxe package edition of which is available now with the digital version due February 2, 2014). “What It Is” is an artist’s statement of sorts featuring the vocals of Symmetry and the trumpet of Marcus Wheat. It all comes together like alchemy.

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NEW MUSIC: “U Crazy” – The Flavr Blue (feat. Marc E. Bassy)

The Flavr Blue - U Crazy

Lose yourself to dance over this celebration of the more unhinged among us. “U Crazy” is a new one-off from Seattle electro-pop trio The Flavr Blue. Vocalist Marc E. Bassy hops on the ride, too.

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NEW MUSIC: “Try You” – Malice Sweet (prod. by Jake One)

Malice Sweet - Try You

Malice Sweet — normally heard singing alongside real-life partner Mario Sweet as contributing vocalists to The Physics — goes for dolo here for the first time over a smooth Jake One track.


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NEW MUSIC: “Crazy Asian Rapper Pt. 3″ – Massiah (prod. by Uce Wayne)


OTOW Gang’s Massiah let loose this track from his vault. “Crazy Asian Rapper Pt. 3″ sounds like a Death Row B-side circa 1996. That’s a good thing. Mass has a new album coming “really soon.”

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NEW MUSIC: Purse 1st Ass Last – Malcolm Rebel

Malcolm Rebel - Purse 1st Ass Last

Malcolm Rebel — possessor of direct blood ties to Vitamin D — channels his inner Curren$y on this smooth, smoked-out EP, Purse 1st Ass Last. Produced entirely by Desmond Harvey and mixed by Vita himself.

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NEW MUSIC: “Who is telling who to be peaceful?” – Gabriel Teodros


When the system has broken down, we rely on our artists and musicians to help process the devastation wrought. Gabriel Teodros puts words to the madness of Ferguson.

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