NEW MUSIC: Seaplane – Jake One

Jake One - Seaplane

Your annoying friend who’s trying to become a rapper probably spent all weekend writing rhymes over this Jake One beat tape. Either that or he just got high and watched football while this played in the background.

NEW MUSIC: 199YUK – Yukmob

Yukmob - 199YUK

Herein bumps one of the most satisfying listens you’ll come across this calendar year. BeanOne and his Yukmob team (that’s: Fearce Vill, SEV, Romaro Franceswa, Davey Jones, and Cazsh, but who’s counting?) with a new mixtape called 199YUK. Bean reworks a grip of classic beats and samples — from you-know-what decade — into fresh instrumentals for his motheryukkers to recite new raps over. Everything is seamless and each track elicits an iPod search for the original source material. Even better is the communal kinship the “crew tape” format generates (ala classic team-ups like the Wu, Westside Connection, The Firm, and Seattle’s own Massline [RIP], for that matter).

NEW MUSIC: “Spiral Arms” – Theoretics (feat. Hanna Stevens)

Theoretics - Spiral Arms

Hip-hop quintet Theoretics with the latest drop in their “One A Month” series of releases. “Spiral Arms” is a nocturnal party groove featuring singer Hanna Stevens.

VIDEOS: “Timbo” – Mo’ Money; “Bloated” – LakeHouse Ent.

The LakeHouse Ent. family gathered recently for their second annual Slip & Slide BBQ at Madrona Park in celebration of the release of their new LP, the Budztape. Resident Lake historian Roof Dogg took the opportunity to film two videos: “Timbo” which appears on Mo’ Money’s Everybody Needs A Lil Mo’ Money, and “Bloated” off the new Budztape. As with everything LakeHouse, the clips are delightfully low-fi and a real bargain at a two-for-one price. #Splash.

NEW MUSIC: “Animals” – Doze (feat. Onry Ozzborn & IAME)

Doze - Hell is Hot as Hell Boss

Onry Ozzborn and Portland’s IAME hop on the track “Animals,” from Sioux Falls-based producer Doze. His compilation album, Hell Is Hot As Hell, Boss, also features an appearance by Graves33. Preview and download this worthy banger below.

NEW MUSIC: You Wouldn’t Know – Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen - You Wouldn't Know

Captain of the filthy monotonic, Aaron Cohen — the Queens-based, Seattle-bred rapper — dropped his latest project yesterday. You Wouldn’t Know is a seven-track EP with a dark and catchy appeal; the most accurate representation yet of who he is as an MC. Listen and download below, and make sure to check out the exclusive 28Hundred interview below that.

NEW MUSIC: “In The Trump” – Nacho Picasso (prod. by Harry Fraud)


Nacho Picasso has a new label home: Brooklyn-based producer Harry Fraud’s Srfschl (that’s Surfschool if you’re still wondering). “In The Trump” is a little preview of what’s to come from the new creative partners. Harry has always been a do-it-all, Swiss army knife-type producer so this team-up should be interesting.


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