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NEW MUSIC: “Day Drink” – Brothers From Another (prod. by Flynt Renolds)

BFA - Day Drink

Just in time for tomorrow, Brothers From Another lose their phones and grass stain their kicks. “Day Drink” is the first in BFA’s “Adventures of Los Hermanos” singles series.

VIDEO: “Mad Park Beach Bums” – Brothers From Another (feat. Thaddeus David; dir. by Paul Erlandson)

In an effort to not get sued by an unnamed grocery store chain, Brothers From Another picked a couple of harmless locales to serve as the backdrop for their new video for “Mad Park Beach Bums” — a track which comes free with their Tacos On Broadway EP — neither of which is actually the eponymous beach park of the song title. No matter: it’s a party wherever Tiglo and Cole happen to crack brews, even if it’s in front of one of those concrete highway barriers in that shitty stretch of I-5 between Lynnwood and Everett.

VIDEO: “Drunk Talk” – Brothers From Another (dir. by Jack Newton)

No you are not seeing double. Brothers From Another already dropped a really fresh video for “Drunk Talk” back in June, but they had to re-up due to certain, ahem, mitigating legal circumstances. (Fuck our litigious culture, I say — let them boys cook!) Anyways… “Drunk Talk” take two is here for your viewing pleasure. Get that Tacos On Broadway below if you haven’t already.

VIDEO: “Pike & Broadway” – Brothers From Another (feat. Sol; dir. by Paul Erlandson)

Brothers From Another come back with another video from their latest release, Tacos On Broadway. Catch them on their tour of the Left Coast with Sam Lachow and Sol. Click here for dates.

NEW MUSIC: Tacos On Broadway – Brothers From Another

BFA - Tacos On Broadway EP

For your weekend consideration: Brothers From Another‘s latest, the Tacos On Broadway EP. I know it’ll sound lovely in 85 degree heat. It’s like the SEA rap gods blessed it worthy for your summer.

VIDEO: “Drunk Talk” – Brothers From Another (dir. by Paul Erlandson)

More of the ongoing antics of Brothers From Another as they try their damnedest to find Tacos on Broadway.

NEW MUSIC: “Groov” – Brothers From Another (feat. Asher Roth; prod. by Justo)

Groov - BFA feat Asher Roth prod by Justo

Though I’ll probably never let them forget about the time they overslept, thus missing an interview opportunity on WNYU radio (!!!), I’ll certainly forgive them on the basis of continuing to churn out the most fun-loving, breezy hip hop Seattle has to offer. “Groov” is the first drop from Brothers From Another’s upcoming Tacos on Broadway. Justo on the beat and lifetime undergrad Asher Roth with the cameo. Nice look, dudes.

Here’s a video preview of the upcoming album:

SHOW: The Flavr Blue (with Avery Storm, Alisha Roney and DJ Sabzi) @ Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn

Click image for more info.

Click image for more info.

See, there are good reasons to treck to Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a Wednesday night! Music out of the 206 invades New York City for the next two evenings as electro/dance outfit The Flavr Blue (Hollis, Parker and Lace Cadence) play their first show in the Apple tonight at Cameo Gallery in post-hipsterville Williamsburg. Joining them are budding R&B singer Alisha Roney (who you will recognize from her two stellar turns on The Good Sin’s The Story of Love x Hate), singer Avery Storm, and Blue Scholars DJ/producer Sabzi. Sample a few tracks from TFB’s debut album Pisces, below.

Photo by Alex Crick.

Photo by Alex Crick.

And speaking of Blue Scholars…The currently touring duo will rock Bowery Ballroom for the second third year in a row tomorrow tonight with The Physics and Brothers From Another on deck as support. Grab tickets here or meet me outside for a falafel on the Bowery tomorrow before the show!

VIDEO: “Molly Moon” – Brothers From Another (dir. by Harry Clean)

The Town-anticipated clip for Brothers From Another’s “Molly Moon” (off their Taco Tuesday EP). Geo and Thig Nat make conspicuous cameos in the jam.

DOWNLOAD: Taco Tuesday EP – Brothers From Another

Click album cover to download

Brothers From Another manage to achieve a rare depth of connection with their listeners through a relatively simple hip-hop formula. It’s the best thing about the duo Tiglo and Cole who continue to belie their young age with a brand of hip-hop that roots itself in the easy-going tradition of mid-90s West Coast underground while remaining true to the themes and challenges posed to the generation to which they belong: a tech-savvy peer group with a set of post-college dreams that seem downright mythical compared to the reality that awaits them.

No matter. BFA lives and works in the hip-hop moment. With the aforementioned reality summarily placed on hiatus while the two attend college in California, it’s enough for Tiglo and Cole to spin rhymes about what confront them on the daily. Taco Tuesday‘s six tracks are spent celebrating — and lamenting — the travails of an active romantic life (good to know these dudes aren’t wasting away their healthy years on Saturday night Call of Duty sessions), summarizing the musical inspiration found within their own hometown’s rap scene (“Sonic Boom”), and counting their blessings while soberly memorializing those who find themselves in less fortunate situations (“5th Of May”).

There’s one track here that’s absolutely bananas from a production standpoint: Sabzi’s “Roxy” is all off-kilter tropical drums and playfully screwed vocals. Elsewhere, BFA willfully place their semi-charmed life lyrics over medium-paced grooves heavy on soul and Pacific Coast boom-bap.

Brothers From Another make this rap shit look easy. The plague of appearing as though they’re trying too hard is unknown to them, as is the dreaded rap pitfall of attempting to be something they’re not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now: hip-hop inside the 21st century is in good hands as long as BFA continue to have their precocious say.

DOWNLOAD: “Roxy” – Brothers From Another (prod. by Sabzi)

Taco Tuesday is the title of the new EP by Brothers From Another, due June 12. “Roxy” is the first single. That’s available for free below. I’m guessing an incalculable number of Mexican eating establishments across our fair nation offer a “taco Tuesday”-type promotion, but none can compare to the inestimable meal deal of Seattle’s very own Taco Del Mar. I used to indulge my fish taco jones every third day of the week when I lived out there. It’s part of the reason why I got fat. Not sure where I was going with this other than to say it’s hard to find a decent taco in NYC. Real talk.

DOWNLOAD: Swisher Nights – Rebel (prod. by Vitamin D)

Click album cover to download.

Vitamin D makes harder beats than anyone in the SEA, that’s just a fact. Up-and-coming MC Rebel nabs five of ‘em here, the highlight of which is “Light Up (Shit You Like)” featuring Cole of Brothers From Another (who also show up in unison on “Outta Yo Mind”) and Antbeezy (delivering a rewind-worthy double-time verse). Aside from his tight-knit connection to Vita, Rebel has a lot going for him including a diverse flow and above-average technical skills. Definitely worth keeping your ears open for.

VIDEO: “Neon Nights” – Brothers From Another (dir. by Zac McConnell)

BFA is kind enough to keep 206UP.COM in the loop with their drops (video and otherwise) — so mad thanks to them! But the crew invariably forgets to include email attachments or links to the subject matter at hand which is always funny (not to mention endearing) to me.

The track “Neon Nights” and its accompanying video accurately finds the homies just trying to find their way home after a (presumably) raucous night out. Anyone who went to college can relate. Hell, I can relate every time I mistakenly get on the subway at 3:00 am heading in the wrong direction. Carefree intoxicated blundering is not strictly reserved for the very young.

Check out Brothers From Another’s excellent 2011 LP, Quality of Living, below:

DOWNLOAD: “Mr. Dynamite” – Brothers From Another

Click image to D/L.

Brothers From Another are in a late-night hazy state of mind on “Mr. Dynamite,” a moody swirl of a composition by producer Morg. And per the BFA standard, it’s a good mood.

DOWNLOAD: Quality of Living – Brothers From Another

Click album cover to D/L.

Hip-hop is a young man’s game and, as an aging (and concerned) fan of the music, it’s hard for an old geezer like myself to put easy trust in kid rappers who are often more than ten years my junior. I want to hope that my beloved genre will be left in good hands that foster and advance the movement rather than retard and hinder. Much of the sh-t that’s really popping nowadays is more of a portent of things to come rather than a reason to be optimistic.

(Click here to continue reading at SSG Music.)

DOWNLOAD: “BFA Say” – Brothers From Another (prod. by Sabzi)

Click track artwork for D/L link.

Brothers From Another are really bubbling right now. On their last project, Two Weeks Vacation, they held it down admirably with Town maestro Vitamin D (who, I think I read somewhere, is related to Goonstar) on “Midnight Special,” one of the best SEA tracks from 2010 (and heard on 206UP.COM’s Town Movement Mixtape available for the price of three clicks, here — tell a friend). On “BFA Say” they get an assist from another 206 stalwart, Sabzi. BFA’s next project, Quality of Living, drops on September 1.

VIDEO: “Beeba Vision Part II” – Brothers From Another

Who says today’s youth is lost? Perhaps the most impressive thing about Brothers From Another, the SEA duo comprised of Breez and Goonstar, is how relatively calm and collected they seem compared to their other similarly-aged counterparts in the rap game. I caught BFA opening for Blue Scholars a few weeks ago at Neumos and their charming and energetic performance to a packed house seemed like second nature to them. This new clip for “Beeba Vision Part II” catches them doing what they do best: rapping with a breezy nonchalance, with styles rooted in a simple yet classic brand of hip-hop. Even brighter things are on the horizon for this crew.

DOWNLOAD: The Becoming – Antbeezy

Click album cover for Bandcamp D/L.

The homie Antbeezy dropped his first mixtape project yesterday. Aside from being the tallest Filipino you will probably ever meet in your life (dude is 6’4″!), this young ‘un shows promising heart and hustle. His high-pitched, rapid-fire flow has come a long way since he first hit me up on the blog back in October ’09. The Becoming features a nice set of guest bars from Sol and Brothers From Another.

Peep a mini-feature on the MC by Detooz Films:

SHOW REVIEW: Blue Scholars Cinemetropolis Album Release Party @ Neumos on 6.18.11

Photo by Canh Solo

At Saturday’s sold-out Cinemetropolis Album Release Party, the second of a two-night run at Neumos, Blue Scholars had Seattle hip-hop fans eating out of their proverbial hands, as has been the case at all of the duo’s local shows for the last six years or so. The energetic all ages crowd followed Geo and Sabzi’s lead for nearly an hour and a half as the crew marched through a set list heavy on new material with a few select older favorites.

Click here to continue reading at SSG Music.

VIDEO: “BFA Interview & Freestyle” – Detooz Films

Shout-out to Harry, founder of Detooz Films. Click on over for exclusive interviews with move-making Townfolk like JusMoni, J. Pinder and the T.I.T.S. Crew. The clip above is a nice-to-meet-you glimpse at Brothers From Another, one of 206UP.COM’s favorite local rap crews puttin’ in good work these days.

VIDEO: “Love” (dir. Zac McConnell) – Brothers From Another

Ah, young “Love” by Brothers From Another: “I”m gone, I’m leavin’/Movin’ on, believe it/I’m Lebron, you’re Cleveland…”

Downloaded BFA’s Two Weeks Vacation EP below.

DOWNLOAD: Two Weeks Vacation EP – Brothers From Another

I jacked this photo from BFA's website. So sue me.

Brothers From Another (BFA) found time between college courses to drop this brief and very dope EP, Two Weeks Vacation. TWV marks the third EP release from Breez and Goonstar all of which can be copped for free at their website, here. These dudes are young but have already mastered the art of don’t-try-to-do-too-much, aka. be-who-you-are, aka. stay-in-your-motherf-ckin-lanes. If they remain linked for the long run, expect even greater things.

Streaming below is a track off the EP called “Midnight Special” which features Vitamin D (!!!). Witness how BFA hang with one of the SEA’s greatest of all time. The fact that they actually sound like they belong on a track with the OG Vita is one hell of a statement.

Click image for D/L link

Click “Play” to hear “Midnight Special” by Brothers From Another feat. Vitamin D. Hit the image above for the whole damn album.

DOWNLOAD: “No Shirt” (Brothers From Another)

“We go front back and around the globe/Put your hands in the air if you’re ready to roll,” declare Breez and Goonstar, the two young bucks of don’t-call-em-kiddie-rap-outfit, Brothers From Another.

Around the globe, really? Let’s just shoot for “around the Puget Sound” first and see what happens, okay fellas? Still, BFA is a breath of fresh air; their style is of the throwback West Coast variety and they always sound like they’re smiling in their raps.

Justo makes the beat here. A throwaway track for him certainly, but it gets the job done for BFA. Click below for the download, fam.

Click image for D/L link.

DOWNLOAD: “The Becoming (Intro)” (Antbeezy) & “Holla” (Antbeezy & BFA)

A young local cat looking to find his voice and place in Seattle’s crowded hip-hop market, Antbeezy, and fellow baby brethren like Brothers From Another, are looking to go straight from high school to the pros.

Success will probably be fleeting at first, but it should be interesting to see who emerges an All-Star. Download the first track, “The Becoming” off Antbeezy’s forthcoming mixtape of the same name:

(UPDATE: 2.18.10, 8:40 am) Antbeezy and BFA linked up for this track, “Holla.” A little something to look forward to at the 80′s Babies show tomorrow night. Click below to download:

BFA have already rocked a few shows around Town, but this one might be their best look yet. Catch Breez and Goonstar (and ‘Beezy, too) at the 80′s Babies benefit show in the U-District. According to this flyer, Macklemore and Blue Scholars will be there. Oh, word?! Check it out this week on the 19th!


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