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NEW MUSIC: “Hop On The Ride” – Scribes (prod. by Sebino)

Click image to download.

Click image to download.

The homie Scribes came through with a new track: “Hop On The Ride” produced by Sebino, of Members Only. Happy Friday, people!

VIDEO: “Cadillac Spaceships” – Jarv Dee (feat. Parker Joe; dir. by First Ladies)

“Cadillac Spaceships” is from Jarv Dee’s latest, Dopamine. Stream that below. And press the triangle above to get the visual treatment by directorial team First Ladies.

NEW MUSIC: Trapital Trill – Thaddeus David

Click album cover to download.

Some new shit from Thaddeus David. Trapital Trill is a seven track EP that highlights TH’s increasingly skillful mic game. Download it for your own price below.

NEW MUSIC: “Good2Go” – Hi-Life Soundsystem

Click track art to download.

From the internet ether comes a new drop by Hi-Life Soundsystem. “Good2Go” arrives just in time for tonight’s Members Only 3-Year Anniversary party at Neumos. Shit’s free son so get thee to Capitol Hill.

DOWNLOAD: Apprentice – Thaddeus David

Click album cover to download.

I’m back, fresh off vacation with a new tan and a head cold. Ain’t no head cold like a Spain-induced one, though, so it’s all good. Excuse me while I get caught up on week-old drops and such…

Members Only’s Thaddeus David stays in our ears with Apprentice, a six-track affair available now for pay-what-you-will. Billed as mellow, laid-back (don’t call ‘em) outtakes from the Maven sessions, watch the young SOTA affiliate stay relevant like Marvel well into the Seattle summer.

DOWNLOAD: “Jones” – Thaddeus David (prod. by Ta-Ku)

Click image to download.

In honor of the 20 18 year anniversary of Illmatic‘s release, Thaddeus David drops this tribute to the estimable New York City classic. “Jones” is produced by Ta-Ku and connects dots between the budding rap career of TH and Queensbridge legend Nas.

Watch for Thad’s Apprentice EP coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: “Block Business (Keyboard Kid Remix)” – Thaddeus David

Click image to D/L.

Keyboard Kid drowns Thaddeus David’s “Block Business” in synth on this dusk-til-dawn remix. Get TH’s Maven here and the Kid’s latest, Based Treasure, at this location.

NEW MUSIC: Imagination EP – Parker & Lace Cadence

Click album cover to purchase.

Parker and Lace Cadence collaborated on the Imagination EP. It’s five tracks of club-ready beats and nightlife-themed lyrics. Existing somewhere between the Greatest Night Out Ever and I Guess That Was An Okay Saturday, I listened to this on the subway yesterday and promptly forgot about it a day later — sort of like the nights out they describe on the EP. Ho hum.

DOWNLOAD: “Imagination” – Parker & Lace Cadence (prod. by 10.4 Rog)

Click image to D/L.

Parker and Lace Cadence dropped the title track to their upcoming Imagination EP. Watch for that in about a week from Members Only.

REVIEW: Maven – Thaddeus David

Thaddeus David
Members Only; 2012


Of the three MCs in local crew State Of The Artist, it’s likely Thaddeus David (or Young TH as he’s known in assembly) is the only one capable of holding down an entire album’s worth of solo material. Parker is an adequate rhymer but his true gifts lay behind the boards and Hyphen8d’s butter soft register just isn’t commanding enough to stand alone despite a charming wit that supersedes both of his teammates. One of the best things about the SOTA boys is how well they share the mic, with each MC getting a turn to shine on virtually every track they do together. Thaddeus is clearly their #3 hitter: the most well-rounded, the most consistent and the most interesting. Maven is his recent outing for dolo, a 16-track LP that’s definitely nice on the ears, but suffers from a partial lack of focus that hinders the MC’s hunt for a more distinct individual rep.

It’s hard to criticize Maven when all of the separate elements of a high quality album are present. Start with Thad’s flow which is natural and well-practiced. He sounds great positing on subjects like street politics (“Block Business”), succeeding in the rap game (“By Any Means”), and old fashioned shit talk (“Aww Sheit”). Part of his appeal lies in his raspy vocal aesthetic, a natural gift that allows him to swagger without trying. You can’t teach or learn that quality — it just is. The other remarkable thing about Maven is the beat choice: every single one succeeds. Provided by local suppliers (Jester, Kuddie Fresh, DJ Semaj) and anonymous internet beat mavens, there isn’t a weak gazelle in the bunch and the diverse sonics range from the dreamy wobble of “Never Never” to the jazzy shake of “Crown Royal.”

But while Thad’s beat selection is beyond reproach, his strategy for hopping on them is suspect. At least half of the collection would only qualify as interludes. Many of them are devoid of hooks that just start to build momentum before trailing off, like “Skyscrapers” which generates a nostalgic, grainy lo-def 70’s movie feel but then quickly rides out. As it goes with most hip-hop records these days, somewhere among the overflow of half-thoughts is a superior and more focused EP dying to get out. It’s a lesson Thaddeus should have learned from the title of Maven’s opening cut, “Less is More.”

In 206UP.COM’s recent interview feature, “THE SIX”, Thad informs us that another solo project is likely on the way, this time a for-profit venture with all original production. Here’s hoping “distillation” is on the MC’s to-do list for that go ‘round. Dude’s Town rep is very strong based on past musical collaborations — SOTA and Helluvastate (with Cloud Nice honcho Tay Sean) — and he’s shown it can only get stronger. The approach just needs a little calibration.

VIDEO: “I Think I Love You” – State Of The Artist (feat. Janae Jones)

From SOTA’s Altered State, available here.

VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Blue Paper” – Parker & Lace Cadence

Parker (of State Of The Artist) and Lace Cadence (of, well, some things that I wasn’t a huge fan of) have collaborated on an EP called Imagination (due on February 14 from Members Only). It’s a collection of club-ready beats and rhymes (or sing-rhymes in LC’s case) that I imagine will sound something like “Blue Paper,” the album’s first single. Jon Augustavo kept it simple with the video. The helpful and friendly folks at MO provided the download — shout-out to them, as always.

Click here to download “Blue Paper” by Parker & Lace Cadence.

DOWNLOAD: Maven – Thaddeus David

Click album cover to D/L.

Thaddeus David (of State Of The Artist and Helluvastate) released his free Maven mixtape today via his label, Members Only. This marks the solo debut of the area rapper, a compilation of songs and verses from the last two years. I’ve spun through it twice now and it’s an entertaining listen, not as fully realized as I was hoping, but still a nice collection from one of the best young voices in Town. More to come on Maven including a full review.

DOWNLOAD: “Smooth Criminal” – Thaddeus David

Click image to D/L.

The latest drop from Thaddeus David’s upcoming Maven mixtape (1.27.12). From Members Only:

January 27th marks the release of Maven, a collection of solo songs Thaddeus David has made over the last two years. A mixture of production from various beat tapes, as well as original production from the Ski Team, Jester, Tele Fresco, DJ Semaj, and Kuddie Fresh, Maven was recorded, mixed and mastered by Parker at Slap Crackle Pop Studio.

VIDEO: “Turn it Up” – Hi-Life Soundsystem (feat. Helluvastate)

VIDEO: “Crown Royal” – Thaddeus David

Too many Seattle rapper cameos to name here. Every time you recognize one, take a shot. Apparently Thad set the scene for this clip in his mom’s crib (unless “the house of Thad’s mother,” as the press release indicates, is the hottest new club in South Seattle). I wonder if they got yelled at afterward for smoking in the living room.

TH’s Maven mixtape drops January 27.

DOWNLOAD: Langston Hugh Hefner​.​.​.​Love, Weed & Other Vices – Hi-Life Soundsystem

Click album cover to D/L.

Hi-Life Soundsystem’s Langston Hugh Hefner​.​.​.​Love, Weed & Other Vices was uploaded to the masses yesterday. I haven’t listened yet but wanted to pass along the Bandcamp business. More later.

DOWNLOAD: “By Any Means” – Thaddeus David (feat. Onry Ozzborn & Parker)

Click image to D/L.

Well, here we are. 2012. Another year, another chance for The Town to makes its indelible mark on hip-hop music country- and worldwide. I would argue 2011 saw the widest range of quality releases since I started paying extra close attention (circa 2005). Just like college basketball, parity seems to be Seattle rap’s strong suit. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to properly represent all the styles being fashioned inside (much less outside) of the area code.

But I resolve to try, dear readers, and the immediate future will present many opportunities for me to do so. Let’s start with last week’s drop from Thaddeus David (aka. Young TH of State Of The Artist). His upcoming solo mixtape, Maven, drops on 1.27.12. TH is by far the most talented of the three members of SOTA, his gravelly flow and diverse range of styles runs the anchor leg of the trio’s party-rap relay. We’re looking forward to seeing dude get out on a solo sprint with Maven. “By Any Means” is the ‘tape’s clarion call, featuring a subtle bubbling beat by LA-based Ski Team, hook by SOTA teammate Parker, and guest bars from Onry Ozzborn.

NEW MUSIC: “Cadillac Spaceships” & “In The Morning” – NW Factory by Members Only

Click image to D/L.

Click image to D/L.

Check out these two joints from the Members Only hive-mind, and throw a few dollars their way while you’re at it. It’s for a good cause: a fund to help support label co-founder Rob Milliron’s recovery from heart surgery. Incidentally, I recently saw Big Rob (as he’s known) on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives last week (it was a re-run) and now have a supreme hankering for that clam linguini at Bizzarro Cafe in Wallingford.

More from the MO press release:

During the recently past Summer the Members Only mind squad came up with a concept for a show featuring 100% new and original music crafted by unique combinations of vocalists, be them emcees or singers, with producers. We dubbed the night NW Factory.

Today we are excited to present to you two of the songs that were made for the evening. We are going to be taking donations for downloads to go towards helping our business partner Rob Milliron with his medical bills. He was undergoing major reconstructive heart surgery at the time Factory was happening.

“Cadillac Spaceships” saw State of the Artist member Parker and Cloud Nice representer Jarv Dee teaming up to wreak havoc over a bubbling and bass heavy WD4D slapper. Play as loud as your neighbors can stand.

“In The Morning” shows off a Parker production complete with a vibrant synth line that is sure to set the mood. If that’s not enough listen to the sweet harmonizing courtesy of Mario Sweet. Sport N Life’s young gun SK along with Parker cap the tune off with some bars aimed to please the ladies.

DOWNLOAD: “High In The Air” – State Of The Artist (feat. Sol)

Click on track artwork to D/L.

Been a minute since we’ve heard from State Of The Artist. Courtesy the good folks at Members Only, stream and download SOTA’s latest single, “High In The Air” (featuring Sol). A smoothed-out love jam to cure your end of Summer blues.

“High In The Air” – State Of The Artist (feat. Sol)

DOWNLOAD: “So Flagrant” – Hi Life Soundsystem

Click track artwork to D/L.

Hi Life Soundsystem’s tribute to SoCal rap circa 1995. Sticky bass that bounces combined with Hi Life’s New Wave dance aesthetic makes for a track something different than what we’re accustomed to. The good folks at Members Only assure 206UP.COM that Langston Hugh Hefner…Love, Weed & Other Vices, the next project from B-Flat, Khingz and Crispy, will be worth waiting for.

DOWNLOAD: Altered State EP – State Of The Artist

Click album cover for D/L link.

State Of The Artist dropped their new FREE EP today, Altered State. It’s a seven-track collection of anthemic electro-infused hip-hop. The title of the EP is appropriate as the album represents a shift in sound, away from the easy-going party rap of their debut LP, SeaCal, toward a moodier synth-heavy club aesthetic.

With all in-house production by group member Parker Joe, Altered State mostly rejects hip-hop’s traditional norms, so from that standpoint it doesn’t please the way SeaCal did. You can’t knock a group for growing, however, and there is plenty new to appreciate on AS.

SOTA will be heading out on tour with Mad Rad. Check the flyer below for your town:

DOWNLOAD: Adventures in a Helluvastate – Thadwick Tristen Trevor III & Swan Coltrane

Click album cover for D/L link.

Here we go rap fans! Thadwick Tristen Trevor III and Swan Coltrane present Adventures in a Helluvastate, a full-length collaborative endeavor between members of the Cloud Nice and Members Only cliques that feels as natural to the dome as caffeine buzzes and misty Puget Sound air.

From the group’s press release:

Seattle emcees Thadwick Tristen Trevor III (bka Young TH of State of the Artist) and Swan Coltrane (bka Tay Sean of Helladope) release Adventures in a Helluvastate, a starkly simplistic approach to hip-hop – two emcees rapping over beats – that comes off as oddly organic, stemming from spur-of-the-moment recording sessions in the Cloud Nice basement.

The duo isn’t apprehensive about their word choice or song structure. The thoughts flow freely from each artist’s brain to the booth with little filtration. Swan casually croons the chorus on “Star Stuff”: We tryna reach the stars so let us grow/ Not so much the body as the soul/ Don’t even think about it we just go

The beats pulsate and morph, experimental and ever-changing, lent from a host of producers worldwide, only a few borrowed from in-house producers Tay Sean, Mikey Nice, and Seven Davis, Jr.

DOWNLOAD: “I Think I Love You” – State Of The Artist f/Janae Jones

Click image for D/L link.

New drop from State Of The Artist: “I Think I Love You.” It’s available for the price of four clicks above and below. This electro-hip/pop banger grabs you like the over-eager girl on the dance floor. The SOTA boys spit PG-13 come-ons suitable for the bedroom or the club. The best part, though, is Janae Jones’ flirtatious contemplations. She sounds like the sexiest conflicted android since Rachael in Blade Runner.


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