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NEW MUSIC: “Mister Rogers (Remix)” – Grynch (feat. Slug & Bambu; prod. by Jake One)

Mister Rogers Remix - Grynch feat Slug & Bambu

Click image to download.

The King of Ballard enlists the help of some famous friends for a remix to “Mister Rogers”. Slug, Bam and Jake on the track is one of the most formidable lineups in recent Seattle rap memory. (And Bam expressing his concern over getting got in one of the Town’s most affable ‘hoods is worth a hearty chuckle.)

For real though, shout-out to the good folks at La Carta de Oaxaca, still one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. And the mighty Than Brothers on Market. And the Majestic Bay Theatres, still the comfiest place to catch a flick in the Six. And the stylish but vastly overpriced Blackbird whose employees were mad helpful to my girl when she was tryna order me a dope Filson joint. Shit, man, Ballard is kinda filthy.

VIDEO: “Mr. Rogers” – Grynch (dir. by Griff J; prod. by Jake One)

Grynch and his sweater game swag.

VIDEO: “Perspective” – Grynch

Seattle rappers really love each other. More proof.

REVIEW: Perspective – Grynch

Self-Released; 2012

Score (Potholes In My Blog scale): 3/5

Click here to read my review of Grynch’s Perspective at Potholes In My Blog.

DOWNLOAD: “In The Rain” – Grynch (feat. Malice & Mario Sweet, prod. by D-Sane)

Click image to D/L.

Grynch took to Twitter about an hour ago to drop this gem from his upcoming Perspective. Pull some change out your pocket and throw it dude’s way.

DOWNLOAD: “So Far” – Grynch (feat. Brother Ali & Shaprece, prod. by Jake One)

Click image to D/L.

Grynch is gearing up for the release of his new LP, Perspective, due March 2 of this here year. “So Far” is a monster look with monster features and a monster producer behind the console. Get it here via 2dopeboyz.

“So Far” – Grynch (feat. Brother Ali & Shaprece, prod. by Jake One)


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