I’m pleased to announce that I’ve further committed to filling up even more of my down time with yet another pro-bono writing endeavor.

I’ve started contributing New Music write-ups to everyone’s favorite source for independent music in Seattle: the lovely Seattle Show Gal. Which, in case you don’t already know, is a collection of music bloggers comprised of more than just one “Gal.” There are many of us “Gals,” some of whom are not even “Gals” at all, but guys. Like me.

Anyway, I’ll be cross-posting my write-ups on 206UP.COM in a futile attempt to not compete with myself (futile because SSG collects literally hundreds of thousands of hits a month, compared to my pithy few hundred). Or you can catch everything I write on SSG here.

And just a reminder, I contribute full album Reviews to the faithful hip-hop heads over at Above Ground Magazine (shout to Tyler, Dominick, et al). It’s cold in Iowa (where AGM is based), so I figured adding a little 206 fire to their midwest freezer is the least I can do. Ha.


Now act like you know and tell a friend!


  1. congratulations man! I always liked this blog (not just because I see my music here) but more so because of your writing style and your real/thought out opinions on every post, which all brings uniqueness to your site compared to most blogs. good shit homie!

  2. I wish I knew uber cool people I could send your way. Alas, I know boring pta moms. Not even hot ones. Sigh.

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