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How’s this for a career-making collabo? The Physics dropped this single yesterday, “The Recipe,” which features a guest sixteen from legendary Juice Crew member Craig G. Last night The P-H-Y-S-I-C-S rocked and charmed a sold-out crowd at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom (in support of Town headliners Blue Scholars, of course). Their set included this track and a cameo by Craig G himself. I think at first the significance of his presence was lost on the predominantly young crowd, but his awesome skills on the mic pulled everyone into orbit quickly.

As for the beat, it’s quintessential New York hardrock with a classic loping bassline that sounds best echoed off sidewalks and brick walls. The “2-0-6 to the death of me” declaration in the hook unites our region with NYC’s in a way only hip-hop culture is capable. I have an aversion to saying things like this for fear of retribution from the hyperbole gods, but “The Recipe” will go down as one of the most important tracks in Seattle rap history and probably be the song that officially introduces The Physics to the rest of the country. Just a guess, anyway.

More about the show later, including an interview with Thig and Justo and my thoughts about what felt like a monumental night for SEA rap in the NYC.

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