NEW MUSIC: “Moan” – Kublakai

Kublakai - Moan

Kublakai samples his all-time favorite song (Charles Mingus’ “Moanin'”) and lovingly re-imagines it as both an homage to the enigmatic jazz hero and a hip-hop call to creative arms. Co-produced by Kubi and Isaak Meek, this song is from the rapper’s forthcoming Wheels Up EP.

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NEW MUSIC: Critical Trap – Mackned

Mackned - Critical Trap

The Thraxxhouse movement, collective — whatever you want to call it — continues to sprout limbs all up and down the West Coast. Mackned (formerly of another active local crew, the Moor Gang) is a key player, and here he is again with a dark, creeping and turnt effort, Critical Trap: Evil Ned Edition.

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NEW MUSIC: 10′ – Bruce Leroy

Bruce Leroy - 10'

Tacoma’s Bruce Leroy falls easily in line with the best hardest-working, effortlessly-sounding MCs making music. Think names like Elzhi and Phonte nationally, or Yirim Seck, Havi Blaze and John Crown locally. Bruce’s new EP 10′ is a swift but satisfying follow-up to his 2012 full-length Leroy. For the majority of his new work the currently-buzzing rapper strings together struggle bars and low-key braggadocio into a perfect rhythmic mesh. It’s an easy boom-bap groove for the first two-thirds of the record, until “You Heard Of Us” hits and Bruce Leroy performs a lyrical miracle.


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NEW MUSIC: “Paper Mache” – Theoretics (feat. The Bad Tenants)

Theoretics - Paper Mache

Theoretics with their latest One A Month drop, “Paper Mache” featuring The Bad Tenants. We’re a little late on this — it arrived as a Halloween eve loosie — but the playful, Scooby Doo-scarehouse vibe is still applicable as we enter the darker (and colder) first week of November.

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NEW MUSIC: Seaplane – Jake One

Jake One - Seaplane

Your annoying friend who’s trying to become a rapper probably spent all weekend writing rhymes over this Jake One beat tape. Either that or he just got high and watched football while this played in the background.

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NEW MUSIC: 199YUK – Yukmob

Yukmob - 199YUK

Herein bumps one of the most satisfying listens you’ll come across this calendar year. BeanOne and his Yukmob team (that’s: Fearce Vill, SEV, Romaro Franceswa, Davey Jones, and Cazsh, but who’s counting?) with a new mixtape called 199YUK. Bean reworks a grip of classic beats and samples — from you-know-what decade — into fresh instrumentals for his motheryukkers to recite new raps over. Everything is seamless and each track elicits an iPod search for the original source material. Even better is the communal kinship the “crew tape” format generates (ala classic team-ups like the Wu, Westside Connection, The Firm, and Seattle’s own Massline [RIP], for that matter).

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VIDEOS: “Timbo” – Mo’ Money; “Bloated” – LakeHouse Ent.

The LakeHouse Ent. family gathered recently for their second annual Slip & Slide BBQ at Madrona Park in celebration of the release of their new LP, the Budztape. Resident Lake historian Roof Dogg took the opportunity to film two videos: “Timbo” which appears on Mo’ Money’s Everybody Needs A Lil Mo’ Money, and “Bloated” off the new Budztape. As with everything LakeHouse, the clips are delightfully low-fi and a real bargain at a two-for-one price. #Splash.

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