LISTEN: “Can’t Hold Us” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton)

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The studio version of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ new single, “Can’t Hold Us” just hit the information highway. The ink is still hot over at XXL. Now that, Seattle, is how to drop a one-off.

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DOWNLOAD: “Do You Have Time” – THEESatisfaction

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Freshly-signed Subpop artists THEESatisfaction dropped this track last weekend (#LatePass). I consider myself lucky to have been able to meet Cat and Stasia back in ’09 during their foray to CMJ out here in New York City (where I live). Read the 206UP.COM Interview from that meeting, here.

Someday soon I’ll be able to say, “I met those girls back when they were recording mixtapes in closets and booking all their own shows!” THEESatisfaction deserves all the future success that is soon to come.

“Do You Have Time” – THEESatisfaction

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DOWNLOAD: “Therapy” – Th3rd (prod. by 10.4 Rog)

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Everything about this track pops. From 10.4 Rog’s piercing snaps and hand claps, to the spirited verses from Th3rd’s all-star roster (if you don’t know by now you better do your homework, dunny). This joint is about H.E.R. love and it sounds like Summertime.

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LISTEN & BUY: Walk Into A Bar – Prometheus Brown & Bambu

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Geo told me the title of his and Bambu’s new project, Walk Into A Bar, is not some sort of clever rap allegory, but rather what literally was happening at the precise moment dudes decided to do an album together. I think it’s weird that it took ’em this long considering how long they’ve been down — it’s not like either of them have better things to do. Kidding.

I haven’t even listened to this yet, so excuse me for writing without point-of-reference, but it just dropped today so I had to post. More thoughts later…

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REVIEW: Black Up – Shabazz Palaces

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Two years ago…

An unsolicited email from a stranger. An exchange of contact information. The arrival of a mysterious package containing two enigmatic CD’s, the contents of which were bafflingly abstruse then, and continue to be now. This is one story, in brief, of how Shabazz Palaces came to exist in this writer’s musical conscious. There are other stories, too, but they are immaterial to the individual experience. As Palaceer Lazaro, the lead creative voice of SP says explicitly on Black Up, the group’s debut full-length album: “It’s a feeling.” These are words worth paying attention to. Do you remember how you felt the first time you heard Shabazz Palaces? If so, put all of your questions about the music and perceived answers to the side, for feeling Black Up is really all that matters.

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LISTEN (& BUY): Cinemetropolis – Blue Scholars

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Breaking news from the Blue Scholars camp (via the good folks — and fellow colleagues — at SSG Music): the crew’s eagerly anticipated third full-length, Cinemetropolis, is now available for streaming and purchase at their Bandcamp page, a full two weeks before its official release date of June 14. Look for a full album review coming soon from 206UP.COM.

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