DOWNLOAD: “Kings & Comics EP” (Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey)

Tacoma emcee Rockwell Powers likes to switch up his collaborative partners on each of his projects. From the straight-forward confident boom-bap of the Kids in the Back LP (with producer Ill Pill), to live party-rocking instrumentation with funk band 10th and Commerce, to the electronic/hip-hop hybrid experimentation of the Pocket Full of Stones EP (with Viper Creek Club), Rockwell is establishing himself as an artist of many tastes.

For his latest project, the Kings & Comics EP, DJ Phinisey is assigned production duties. K&C is Rockwell’s most traditional hip-hop album since Kids, and yet another feather in the cap for the burgeoning 2-5-3 scene. Hit the album cover below for the FREE download link.

Click image for D/L link