NEW MUSIC: 5 Good Reasons – Sam Lachow & Raz Simone

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Here’s something worthwhile: Sam Lachow (NYC by way of SEA) and Raz (one of the Town’s finest new voices) collaborate for 5 Good Reasons, a pentagonal collection of wide-ranging party- and street-life numbers. Sam is a legitimate musical force to be reckoned with and Raz is worthy of all local hype bestowed thus far. Together they’ve crafted a remarkably thoughtful EP that I would count among the region’s best this year. Get it for free here.

UPDATE (1:15 pm PST, 9.24.12): The duo just dropped the latest video from the EP. “Coyotes” was directed by Sam Lachow, Raz and Avi Loud. Peep game below.

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VIDEO: “Nothing’s Gonna Change” – Sam Lachow & Raz (feat. B Skeez)

At first glance Sam Lachow and Raz seem like an odd pair for a collaboration. Cast expectations aside, however, for their new track, “Nothing’s Gonna Change,” the first drop from the duo’s upcoming 5 Good Reasons EP (September 17). Everything works here, from the live instrumentation to the chemistry between the two MCs.