NEW MUSIC: A Beautiful Funeral – Ripynt

Ripynt - A Beautiful Funeral

From the depths of the neglected email inbox: Ripynt’s latest, A Beautiful Funeral. More hard-edged, technically proficient, big beat and synth hardcore from the North End native. Rapper, producer and studio engineer Carl Roe again rides shotgun throughout this 18-track effort. Worth your time.

And check out the music video/short film for the track “Never Give It Up.”

Audio Video

VIDEO: “Red Cup Affair” – Ripynt (feat. L.A.C.O.S.A.)

Ripynt and the L.A.C.O.S.A. clique are acting up in the former’s new video for “Red Cup Affair” (directed with hedonistic flourish by Dyllyn Greenwood and produced by Produktive). Expect more antics on Ripynt’s upcoming A Beautiful Funeral.