NEW MUSIC: “A Walk In The Park” – Dark Time Sunshine

The other day, as I was spinning my way through Cancer 4 Cure for, like, the umpteenth million time, it dawned on me how similar El-P and Onry Ozzborn are as lyricists. And it’s not only the bars they spit, but their aesthetic which can be deadpan as hell but still impart the notion that there’s a tortured and enraged fire burning in the depths of their respective psyches.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that observation out there and link you, dear readers, to the new track from Onry’s crew Dark Time Sunshine: “A Walk In The Park.” This cut is a throwaway (!!!) from the duo’s upcoming ANX (July 24). I caught this drop over at Potholes a couple days ago and again yesterday via Todd Hamm in the Seattle Weekly. Click through to those posts for more insight, as they pretty much handled the commentary of this fitting look into the complex rap minds of Onry Ozzborn and Zavala.

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