NEW MUSIC: “Power” – Donte Peace (feat. Thaddeus David; prod. by Adot The God)

Donte Peace - Power

Donte Peace with another (ahem) piece of that self-described “grunge trap.” This time with Moor Gang’s Thaddeus David on guest duties and Adot The God behind the boards.


VIDEO: “After Hours” – Donte Peace (dir. by Brian Tolliver)

Gratuitous and blood splattered, Donte Peace’s newest video, “After Hours”, channels the rapper’s dark side. It’s not for everybody and it’s certainly NSFW. Adot The God produced it and Brian Tolliver probably spilled fake blood all over his camera directing it.


NEW MUSIC: “Our Girlfriend” – Donte Peace (prod. by Adot The God)

Donte Peace - Our Girlfriend

Donte Peace takes a sinister victory lap after scooping some other dude’s lady on “Our Girlfriend”. It’s more of that possession-is-nine-tenths-of-the-law bullshit men indiscriminately apply to relationships with members of the opposite sex. When done with an even-handed dramatic flourish it can be interesting — subversive even. This doesn’t get there, though.

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