VIDEO: “Serene” – Prospect & Bryce Bowden (dir. by AK Romero)

Filmed on location in downtown Seattle and just outside the Unabomber’s house*, Bryce Bowden and Prospect (rhyme partners on the upcoming Quality Over Quantity 2) go in over a minimalist electro instrumental.

*Not really.


VIDEO: “Can’t Change Us” – Prospect & Bryce Bowden (feat. Greg Cypher)

Budget video, budget grill, budget swimming pool; but the track rings true and so do the Honor Roll affiliates who rap on it. Bryce Bowden (that’s the dude on the roof) is one untied shoelace away from a Jackass video. I can dig it, tho. AK Romero behind the lens.


VIDEO: “Blue Skies” – A.K. Romero

A.K. Romero is an affiliate of the Honor Roll crew (Kung Foo Grip, Bryce Bowden, Cake and $alad, et al) and, until now, you’ve likely only seen his name in the credits of various music videos he’s brought to life for the homies. On “Blue Skies,” A.K. steps from behind the lens to the front, and sheds darkness on the otherwise pristine Seattle summer. This self-directed clip is simple and a little scary; a perfect debut for an interesting new voice. HR teammate Kayne Ortiz on the beat.



VIDEO: “The Cigar Room / The Weatherman” – Neema (feat. Keyboard Kid)

Mr10K himself and based world auteur Keyboard Kid appear together in the first half of this video to promo their upcoming The Cigar Room collab. Then, everything turns purple for “The Weatherman”, an older joint by the reigning crown prince of Seattle double-time. AK Romero got behind the lens for both of these.



VIDEO: “Def Yoda Pt. 3” – Kung Foo Grip (dir. by A.K. Romero)

The two cats from Kirkland’s Kung Foo Grip (Greg Cypher and F is H) are both under the age of 20, but got-damn if this ain’t some old hip-hop-soul music. Their Capitalize is available for streaming and download right here:

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