AUDIO: SuperSquare – Amos Miller

SuperSquare - Amos Miller

Amos Miller — area eclecticist and frequent collaborator with such Town rap stalwarts as Gabriel Teodros and Macklemore — recently released a solo album called SuperSquare. It’s 22 tracks long, composed mostly of brief, interlude length songs that are each packed to the brim with musical ideas. SuperSquare plays like an aural sketchbook, pulled from the shelf of an artist with a far afield, wandering mind.

Hip-hop, folk, electronic, R&B, neo-soul — all of these genres play together beautifully on SuperSquare, albeit with a smart pop sensibility. Low-fi record scratches adorn one track, only to be supplanted seconds later by high-def synth and futuristic thump. And is that a processed didgeridoo on the tracks “Crystal” and “Conflict?”

A grip of collaborators including Jake One, Evan Flory-Barnes, Adra Boo, and Aaron Walker-Loud lend a communal feel to the record which, despite its tracks’ short attention spans, never feels rushed or scattered which is due to the tightly executed transitions between songs. “Ascent” is one of only two that extends beyond three minutes: sonar pings, laser gun synth, coasting jazz high hats, and what sounds like a live upright bass back Amos’s pitched raps that slide from visceral poetic ruminations on artistry, to lamenting the prison industrial complex.

SuperSquare keeps you in the listening moment by engaging your ears and mind with big concepts over short ranges of time; and as the songs fold into each other, your brain keeps working, imagining what might have come next.

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DOWNLOAD: “Beit” – Gabriel Teodros (feat. Sabreena Da Witch) (prod. by Amos Miller)

Photo by Adam Way.

The scope of Gabriel Teodros’ music continues to widen with this drop from the forthcoming Colored People’s Time Machine (release date: 1.19.12). Featuring a vocal appearance by Palestinian-American artist Abeer Alzinaty (otherwise known as Sabreena Da Witch), GT’s kaleidoscopic and worldly point-of-view isn’t held by The Town’s concise geographic margins, and that’s something to be applauded.


VIDEO: “Let’s Ride” – Air 2 A Bird

The world is round and we’re not really driving it. So says Air 2 A Bird in their debut video for “Let’s Ride.” The brainchild of Gabriel Teodros and Amos Miller, Air 2 A Bird was the result of a serendipitous (if not totally unexpected) unification of the two artists in Brooklyn, when original plans would have had them circumnavigating that previously referenced world. SEA hip-hop is all the better for it. Peep their fly game:


DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: “Air 2 A Bird” (Crow Hill)

Inspiration is as fleeting as a rainstorm in a desert. Sometimes, however, when we’re found in unwanted situations, ingenuity inevitably finds us.

A few months ago, an unfortunate detention by the powers-that-be grounded Gabriel Teodros in New York, when he was originally scheduled to spread his uplifting brand of hip-hop around the globe. The album Air 2 A Bird is the result of that internment.

From an undesirable predicament, GT and frequent collaborator Amos Miller (together re-borne as Crow Hill) found inspiration where most would only find insipidness. Read the entire story here. Air 2 A Bird is simultaneously the child of political vagary and perhaps evidence that order exists in the universe even though disorder seems the rule of the day. The lesson? Always listen to the turbulence made by the wings around us.

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