VIDEO: “Faces In My Memory” – Porter Ray (dir. by Malcolm Procter & Astro King Phoenix)

As night falls, clarity in vision and mission become apparent to young Porter Ray. “Faces In My Memory” is more short film than music video, hinting with well-developed suspense at the cold necessity of life-altering decisions. On the brink of music stardom will Porter risk it all?

Deftly handled direction by Malcolm Procter and Astro King Phoenix. Song from Porter’s recent and excellent Nightfall EP.

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AUDIO: “Viam Lacteam” – Astro King Phoenix (prod. by Luna God)

Astro King Phoenix - Viam Lacteam

Astro King Phoenix and producer Luna God smoke galaxy-laced spliffs on their new track “Via Lacteam.” I’m not sure what that means either, but it’s worth a spin to try and find out. From the duo’s collaborative project Aurum Silentium.

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AUDIO: Space > Pod < Memories – Astro King Phoenix

Astro King Phoenix - Space - Pod - Memories - cover

Astro King Phoenix — rapper, photographer, video director — puts OCnotes’ Rap Loops instrumentals to good use on Space > Pod > Memories, a fleeting collection of lyrical excursions over beats that range from lush, to skeletal, to abstract futuristic. The 12 songs are gone before you know it but the whole thing makes for a nice snack.

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VIDEO: “Float” – Porter Ray (dir. by Malcolm Proctor & Astro King Phoenix)

Porter Ray quietly dropped this video for “Float” (off his BLK GLD LP of last year) back in April. PR’s flow is the aural equivalent of a perfectly meandering channel of water. Smoke one in a quiet forest and watch a stream eddy and progress by. You’ll see what I mean.

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NEW MUSIC: Prequel To The Glory – Astro King Phoenix (prod. by Ike Watson)

Astro King Phoenix - Prequel to the Glory

Astro King Phoenix is a striving young rapper from the Town whose Prequel To The Glory can be a fairly engaging listen. Sci-fi philosophy and indirect pillow talk filter through producer Ike Watson’s polished, modern sounds. In fact, often it’s Watson who leaves the biggest impression: “Lost” and “Poison Ivy” have nicely-executed sample flips and Astro’s flow becomes secondary to the hazy, R&B-tinged beats.

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