AUDIO: Evol – Avatar Darko

Avatar Darko - Evol

The Central District’s Avatar Darko has never been afraid of embracing his emo. But it’s the L-word particularly that got him stuck on the rapper’s latest album, Evol (word to the dyslexics). No matter which way you flip it love will fuck you in some way or another, and Av covers this in his trademark hardcore, honest manner.

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VIDEO: “Chinese Tacos” – Avatar Darko (dir. by Avi Loud)

New hair, new steez. Avatar Darko with a new video directed by Avi Loud. Too many “Chinese Tacos” before bedtime and you end up crashing out in the bed of your El Camino. The beat(s) — and video — are a beast: somewhere between a nightmare and a beautiful sunset.

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NEW MUSIC: “Nowhere To Be Found” – Avatar Darko (prod. by Southside of 808 Mafia)

Avatar Darko - Nowhere To Be Found

Avatar Darko’s Soviet Goonion 3 is set for a mid- to late-June release. Now that that’s settled, “Nowhere To Be Found” lets us know where Av is likely to be, well, found: in speedboats, Audis, and the company of bad women with controlled substances. Who cares if he still can’t grow a beard?


NEW MUSIC: “Murda Murda” – Avatar Darko (prod. by Billy Patron & Apoulo)

Avatar Darko - Murda Murda

Sounding like the ’70s, Avatar Darko tries on a suit of a different color. This flow, this (gasp!) conscious lyric sheet, this throwback production (courtesy of Billy Patron and Apoulo), it all fits Av like a custom Glock holster. “Murda Murda” is off the rapper’s upcoming Soviet Goonion 3.


VIDEO: “IDK” – Avatar Darko (dir. by Ralph Madison)

Avatar Darko looks right at home on Coney Island in his new clip for “IDK” (from the rapper’s forthcoming Soviet Goonion 3). Av has converted himself into Seattle’s most unlikely rap renaissance man, from his earlier relentlessly thugged-out mixtapes, to a post-college SoCal-based grimy glamour life, to the nihilistic emo trap stylings of his recent albums, it’s always done with a hearty nod to his Russian roots. Unbiased and unfiltered, Av is always refreshing in a mouth swilled-with-Vodka sort of way. “IDK” was directed by Seattle native and now NYC resident, Ralph Madison.


VIDEO: “Sushi Boats” – Avatar Darko (prod. by V Don; dir. by Yaroslav Altunin)

Avatar Darko’s string of album releases has traced a near cartoonish-like gangster life to the current level-headed — in comparison, anyway — grimy glamour brio of the recent college graduate living it up in Southern California. The video for his “Sushi Boats” (produced by V Don and directed by Yaroslav Altunin) is a seemingly candid look into a day-in-Av’s-life, less of course the Russian mafioso bit at the end — because it can’t all be blunts and sunshine, right?