NEW MUSIC: “Awkward” – Perry Porter (feat. Lula; prod. by FHP)

Perry Porter - Awkward

Pillow talk from underrated area MC Perry Porter and vocalust — oops — I mean, vocalist, Lula.


DOWNLOAD: “Get Off My Tip” (B-side “Awkward”) – That One Show

Click image to D/L.

I imagine the formation of That One Show is kind of like what happened in the feudal days when four court jesters from neighboring kingdoms realized they were not only much smarter than the royalty they were forced to perform for, but also much more powerful as a united group. Or something. In any case, this crew is four talented (but relatively unknown) dudes from the area who make party rap and sh-t talk fun for the people. Get more familiar with Shast, Ripynt, Notion and Know Choice.