NEW MUSIC: “Put It On The Line” – Chops (feat. Prometheus Brown & Bambu)

Chops - Put It On The Line Pro Brown

Chops - Put It On The Line Bam

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really checked for Chops since his Virtuosity compilation album in 2003 — when I burned the deck out in my military green 4Runner bumping this joint — so go figure that it takes a collab with Town representative Pro Brown and de-facto Town rep Bambu to draw me back in to Chops’ roughneck, boom-bap headphone space. “Put It On The Line” premiered live on KEXP and the Soundcloud clip below has been making the Tumblr rounds (h/t to NW Hip Hop).

As far as Chops goes, he’s preparing a new album called Strength In Numbers, which you can support with a few duckets over at the official Kickstarter page.


VIDEO: “Books” – Bambu (feat. Prometheus Brown)

If Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis reunited to make a love song about books and then enlisted the rap stylings of two Filipino brothers this might be what they would come up with. Oh, and also if it were adapted into a sitcom set in the ’80s then you’d have this video. Whaaaaat…

(New The Bar album, Barkada, coming soon.)


NEW MUSIC: The Lean Sessions – Bambu (prod. by Karman)

Click album cover to download.

Click album cover to download.

Bambu isn’t technically a Seattle rapper but he spends so much time in the Town and has so many affiliates here that he may as well be. The Lean Sessions is a five-track EP produced entirely by Karman, a high school kid who’s making a name for himself in Los Angeles under the tutelage of DJ Phatrick. The original track called “Lean” appeared on Bam’s recent One Rifle Per Family which I gushed about here. Check out the video for “Lean” below.

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NEW MUSIC: “Mister Rogers (Remix)” – Grynch (feat. Slug & Bambu; prod. by Jake One)

Mister Rogers Remix - Grynch feat Slug & Bambu

Click image to download.

The King of Ballard enlists the help of some famous friends for a remix to “Mister Rogers”. Slug, Bam and Jake on the track is one of the most formidable lineups in recent Seattle rap memory. (And Bam expressing his concern over getting got in one of the Town’s most affable ‘hoods is worth a hearty chuckle.)

For real though, shout-out to the good folks at La Carta de Oaxaca, still one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. And the mighty Than Brothers on Market. And the Majestic Bay Theatres, still the comfiest place to catch a flick in the Six. And the stylish but vastly overpriced Blackbird whose employees were mad helpful to my girl when she was tryna order me a dope Filson joint. Shit, man, Ballard is kinda filthy.

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VIDEO: “Sermon” – Bambu

Bam’s not an official SEA rapper, but if you follow the scene you know he might as well be. Peep the new clip for “Sermon,” the lead single off his next and (according to him) final LP, One Rifle Per Family (due September 18).



VIDEO: “At It Again” – Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar)

Here’s the latest video treatment for The Bar’s “At It Again” off that Walk Into A Bar record you should already have by now. The story about this one via the crew’s YouTube:

Footage shot July 2011 in Honolulu, HI by Canh Solo, lost in a devastating hard drive crash, miraculously recovered in 2012, and edited by Prometheus Brown in one stoned night.


VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Lookin’ Up” – The Bar (Prometheus Brown & Bambu)

Check it out: the first official music video from Prometheus Brown and Bambu’s excellent 2011 collaboration, The Bar.

UPDATE (2.21.12, 12 pm PST): Beatrock Music also released a free Maxi Single featuring “Lookin’ Up” remixes by producers 6Fingers and Generation ILL. Get with it, here.

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