AUDIO: Gimmie – BB Sun

BB Sun - Gimmie

“Oh shit, it’s BB Sun. He kinda looks like God.” The Thraxxhouse teammate stews the clique’s stoner pot with a singular type of understated humor and swag. Gimmie is full of shrouded threats that lull you to within an inch of sleep, but then, with just the slightest pinprick, keep you hovering above slumber so there’s just enough time to see BB Sun slip out the window with all your stuff, laughing the entire time.

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VIDEO: “Take Ur Stuff” – BB Sun (dir. by Terry’s Tacos)

In which Thraxxhouse teammate BB Sun (almost) asks nicely for all the stuff he’s robbing you of. His crew is 26 members deep and bringing a glorious darkness to their new Southern California environs. Get hip before the “cool kids” do. Watch for BB’s God’s Twin Brother coming this month.