AUDIO: Son of Barkada – The Bar (prod. by DJ Nphared)


Prometheus Brown and Bambu are The Bar. They are on a West Coast tour. They have a new EP. Son of Barkada is a self-referential curio; an objet d’art for the Filipino community (and those desperately wanting to be down). Maybe, just maybe, if you’re on that Tyrese artwork, you too could be baptized in The Bar’s holy rap waters.

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NEW MUSIC: Barkada – The Bar

The Bar - Barkada

The closest thing Filipino rap has to conjoined twins, Prometheus Brown and Bambu present their latest work as The Bar. Barkada is the duo’s sophomore release on Beatrock Music. Full confession: I haven’t listened to it yet but I can tell by osmosis that it’s at least as good as their entertaining run of promo videos on Instagram. More words about Barkada to come.


NEW MUSIC: “A Round For My Friends” – Power Struggle (feat. The Bar)

Power Struggle - A Round For My Friends

The Bar’s Prometheus Brown and Bambu are featured on Power Struggle’s latest drop, “A Round For My Friends”. Nomi (frontman MC for PS) links fundamentally/organizationally with his Beatrock Music brethren. “Fight music ’til there’s nothing left to fight about,” raps Pro Brown. This is fist up, marching music.

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VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Lookin’ Up” – The Bar (Prometheus Brown & Bambu)

Check it out: the first official music video from Prometheus Brown and Bambu’s excellent 2011 collaboration, The Bar.

UPDATE (2.21.12, 12 pm PST): Beatrock Music also released a free Maxi Single featuring “Lookin’ Up” remixes by producers 6Fingers and Generation ILL. Get with it, here.

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