VIDEO: “Beautiful Scene” – BenadriLL

If you’re a rapper from the Town this is about the only way to get a Macklemore feature these days.

Lakehouse Entertainment’s BenadriLL enlists the help (sort of) of Ben Haggerty and the Goonies — a dream team if there ever was one, amirite? — to realize a brighter future.

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VIDEO: “Sick & Tired” – BenadriLL

In which Lakehouse Ent’s BenadriLL travels to Sin City, only to find his first show in the 702 is cancelled. In true Lakehouse fashion, he makes the most of a crummy situation. “Sick & Tired” can be found on Ben’s latest, Under The Table.

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AUDIO: Under The Table – BenadriLL

Benadrill - Under The Table

LakeHouse Entertainment’s main man BenadriLL has released, by far, his best project to date. The album is called Under The Table and it features the kind of low-key, everyman struggle bars and braggadocio that the rapper has always traded in. The beats shine here, too, with equal parts turnt party flair and G-Funk inspired riding music. Worth your time.

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VIDEO: “Ca$h” – BenadriLL

BenadriLL’s new music video “Ca$h.” Or, “LakeHouse Ent: An Underdog Story.” Shout-out to Roofdogg for keeping me apprised. Watch for Ben’s Under The Table coming as soon as foreclosure proceedings are completed.


VIDEOS: “Timbo” – Mo’ Money; “Bloated” – LakeHouse Ent.

The LakeHouse Ent. family gathered recently for their second annual Slip & Slide BBQ at Madrona Park in celebration of the release of their new LP, the Budztape. Resident Lake historian Roof Dogg took the opportunity to film two videos: “Timbo” which appears on Mo’ Money’s Everybody Needs A Lil Mo’ Money, and “Bloated” off the new Budztape. As with everything LakeHouse, the clips are delightfully low-fi and a real bargain at a two-for-one price. #Splash.

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VIDEO: “Slugs Around” – BenadriLL & Mo’ Money (dir. by Roof Dogg)

Fresh from the LakeHouse Ent. collective is their new video for “Slugs Around” featuring raps by BenadriLL and Mo’ Money, with the loyal RoofDogg behind the lens. The Lake crew is best known for its free-thinking ways, a willingness to let blind creativity take the reins that often results in a see-what-sticks-against-the-wall type dopeness. I think that’s hella cold.

For a behind-the-scenes look at this particular video, click here for LakeHouse’s first “Street Lectures” entry which follows Keith, one of the music video’s accidental stars, on his way to traffic court in San Francisco. “Street Lectures” is an experimental series that endeavors to dig deeper into the particular quirks and tics of the neighborhoods in which the Lake shoot their videos.



VIDEO: “Steve Jobz” – Benadrill & Lake House Ent.

Tip of the hat to Lake House Entertainment‘s RoofDogg who passed along the crew’s latest video, “Steve Jobz”, a tribute to the man of the song’s title and a lament over the loss of the LHE’s famed Lake Washington home — damn you, reverse mortages! Here’s hoping the idiosyncratic collective finds some new digs soon.


VIDEO: West Coast Trilogy – Benadrill

LakeHouse Entertainment head Benadrill recently completed his West Coast Trilogy video series. Watch the rapper-skater apply his own particular brand of the DIY ethos to the joints “Light Skin” (which you’ve seen before on this blog), “Ching Ching”, and “Tilted”. The clips were filmed in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively. You can find all three tracks on the MC’s latest, The Burna Supremacy.

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VIDEO: “Light Skin” – Benadrill

Thanks to Luke and the rest of the Lakehouse Entertainment team for linking me to Benadrill‘s new video for “Light Skin”, a track off the MC’s The Burna Supremacy (stream below) which dropped back in June. I’m not always feeling what this crew puts out, but I do appreciate the fact they do the damn thing with no false pretenses.