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Spekulation has gone viral twice and he’s only getting sicker.

Even before the internet meme fiascos wrought by last February’s Bitter Barista episode and, most recently, the Marshawn Lynch-worshipping turned Seahawks rallying cry, “Bout That Action”, the combo rapper/producer/writer had been carrying a following in the local music scene. That was thanks to his detailed, well-honed projects like 2011’s Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em, a remixed collection of Jay Z songs using samples from local jazz outfit The Jason Parker Quartet, and Spekulation, the ambitious 2012 self-titled, self-produced EP that mixed a classic boom-bap aesthetic with live instrumentation.

Spekulation is here (in the nebulous internet-alized sense of “here”) because of two larks that blew up on the strength of… Well, it’s still not totally clear, I suppose. But he’s also here because of a very obvious love and intense dedication to the craft of hip hop music. For better or worse, Spek will forever be associated with Bitter Barista and “Bout That Action”. Similarly, though, there would be no Harrison Ford without Han Solo, no Macklemore (in his current incarnation anyway) without “Thrift Shop”, and certainly no reprieve for bitter baristas the world over without asshole customers to inspire edifying snark. Spek hopped on this week’s edition of THE SIX to let us in on how he does it.

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NEW MUSIC: Truth Be Told – Spekulation

Click album cover to get it.

Click album cover to get it.

Spekulation probably doesn’t want to be known as the Seattle rap game Sean Connery (ie. forever attached to a starring role he made famous), so I won’t mention Spek’s recent 15 minutes of fame save for linking here in case you don’t watch Good Morning America or read major Seattle newspapers.

In any case, the man dropped his new EP, Truth Be Told, three days ago and it contains the usual care and attention to boom-bap detail that Spek is coming to be known for. Give the album a spin below and go here to see about the MC/producer’s extracurricular activities.

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