AUDIO: Me And Mines (Cute Chicks) – SassyBlack

SassyBlack - Me And Mines

SassyBlack — also known as Catherine Harris-White — has her hand in a number of different pots, from the world traveling Sub Pop-underwritten adventures of THEESatisfaction, to the community-minded Black Weirdo parties hosted all across North America, to solo creative endeavors like Me And Mines (Cute Chicks), a brief, bouncy Garageband project that shows off Sassy’s wide range of musical influences.

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DOWNLOAD: “THEESatisfaction Loves The Sa-Ra Creative Partners Mixtape” (THEESatisfaction)

Cat and Stas draw inspiration from a vast and varied group of recording artists. This mixtape is the first in a series of tributes these ladies are paying to their creative muses. Click here or below to download the mixtape. My thoughts coming soon…

Watch THEESatisfaction get busy at the Ladies Night show at Neumos:

(Video jacked from THEESatisfaction’s blog, Black Weirdo.)