AUDIO: Sirens – 88 Ultra

88 Ultra - Sirens

88 Ultra (also known as Kingston) is one half of production duo Blue Sky Black Death, the outfit responsible for some of Seattle’s most memorable hip-hop of late (see: Nacho Picasso). BSBD has a knack for churning out atmospheric and nefarious digital soundscapes, building off certain on-trend production values in a way that channels the oft gothic-like cloud cover of the Pacific Northwest. Sirens continues in that mode albeit reigned by 88’s hazy sensibilities alone.

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AUDIO: Stoned & Dethroned – Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death

Nacho & BSBD - Stoned & Dethroned

Stoned & Dethroned, the long-awaited fourth collaborative effort between SRFSCHL team member Nacho Picasso and the dudes that brought him to the dance in the first place, Blue Sky Black Death, has arrived. It bears a strong passing resemblance to everything that came before; if that surprises you then you’re probably the one that’s been sleeping.

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NEW MUSIC: Euphoric Tape III – Blue Sky Black Death

BSBD - Euphoric Tape III

Blue Sky Black Death’s third installment of their Euphoric Tape series is a compilation of instrumental joints that previously featured vocals by the likes of Nacho Picasso, Deniro Farrar and Skull and Bones. Now you can rap over these jawns, too! Lucky us. Not.


NEW(ISH) MUSIC: Glaciers Melted – Blue Sky Black Death

BSBD - Glaciers Melted

The soundscapes of Blue Sky Black Death often feel like they’re melting into each other, shifting form into things wholly different than where they originally began. It seems natural then that the production duo might remix one of their own albums, which is exactly what they’ve done on Glaciers Melted. This seven track EP dropped in late January and we’re just getting hip.


NEW MUSIC: Euphoric Tape II – Blue Sky Black Death

BSBD - Euphoric II

Moody, atmospheric, gothic, trap-laden, and other adjectives apply to production duo Blue Sky Black Death’s newest drop, Euphoric Tape II, featuring a deep guest cast of Town artists and a smattering of national rap players.


NEW MUSIC: Flowers For My Father – Sadistik

Click album cover to purchase at Circle Into Square.

Click album cover to purchase at Circle Into Square.

Sadistik’s Twitter page lists “Suicide Capitol” as the MC’s current location. There’s a segment of area hip-hop artists who’ve been knowing it’s not all coffee shop philosophy and Alki barbecues under this perpetual cloud cover — count Sadistik as one of them. Flowers For My Father is an in memoriam of the dude’s padre who passed on after the MC’s debut in 2008 (The Balancing Act). This album is a bitter pill to swallow, a dichotomous answer to the half-full glasses Seattle rap fans are used to raising these days. It takes it all types, I say.

“Russian Roulette” – Sadistik (feat. Cage & Yes Alexander; prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)

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