VIDEO: “Serene” – Prospect & Bryce Bowden (dir. by AK Romero)

Filmed on location in downtown Seattle and just outside the Unabomber’s house*, Bryce Bowden and Prospect (rhyme partners on the upcoming Quality Over Quantity 2) go in over a minimalist electro instrumental.

*Not really.


VIDEO: “Can’t Change Us” – Prospect & Bryce Bowden (feat. Greg Cypher)

Budget video, budget grill, budget swimming pool; but the track rings true and so do the Honor Roll affiliates who rap on it. Bryce Bowden (that’s the dude on the roof) is one untied shoelace away from a Jackass video. I can dig it, tho. AK Romero behind the lens.


NEW MUSIC: BZA The Damaga – Bryce Bowden

Bryce Bowden - BZA the Damaga frontBryce Bowden - BZA the Damaga backBryce Bowden (no relation to Bruce Bowen) is part of the Eastside’s Honor Roll collective — Kung Foo Grip, Matic, et al — and BZA The Damaga is his third album. Bryce stands out for his refined, comfortable flow. He’s the type of rapper with an infectious, natural ease on the mic but he can also hit the gas when the beat calls for it.

BZA features a nice array of boom-bap, from the revivalist knock of “Thursday” to the R&B-tinged “Summertime” (featuring guest shots from Sol and Dice). Catch Bowden “high at the farmer’s market” or reluctantly taking a ride in a stolen set of wheels (“No Other Options”). Wherever you find him, 206UP is happy to report BZA The Damaga is the first top-notch entry in Seattle rap in 2014.