NEW MUSIC: This That & Th3rdz – Th3rdz

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This one’s been a while in the making. It was supposed to drop in its entirety last year but instead we got a steady stream of loosies and videos, each one more slap-happy and super-lyrical than the last. Anyway, Th3rdz — the Oldominion supergroup consisting of JFK, Candidt and Xperience — add the full length This That & Th3rdz to the mix and it’s definitely worth your seven to ten ducats. Shit is just fun, freewheeling rap, appropriate for the particular season in which it finally sees a release.


VIDEO: “Go For Broke” – TH3RDZ (prod. by Kuddie Fresh; dir. by Eric Miller)

This That & TH3RDZ is scheduled to drop June 18 on Camobear records. The best thing about this Oldominion supergroup is how they combine slap-heavy party joints with smart humor and some of the deftest lyricism you’ll find anywhere on the Western seaboard. We talk a lot about chemistry when it comes to the best team-ups in rap, and TH3RDZ is a perfectly balanced formula.


NEW MUSIC: “On Your Block” – TH3RDZ (prod. by Bruce Waine)

Click image to get it.

Click image to get it.

Hey, there’s a street date for TH3RDZ’s debut album, This, That & Th3RDZ, and it’s June 18! Chyeah! In the meantime, get hyped to their new song, “On Your Block.” Hooray for rap super-groups of the Pacific Northwest!

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VIDEO: “Boobiewhos” – Th3rdz (feat. Sonny Bonoho)

Fucking slaps and riotous laughs in this clip by Th3rdz. Candidt is a special fool for this one. For your reference:


[boo b whos] Show IPA noun, verb, bobbiewhoing.  
1. A person who plays you small until you blow up.
2. Catcher of the vapors.
3. Shallow person.
4. Bandwagoner.
5. Snake in the basket awaiting charming.


DOWNLOAD: Agony & Exstacy – Candidt

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Got a couple “from the vault”-type posts coming today. The first is this new/old drop from Candidt, Agony & Exstacy. Check for dude rapping over tracks by Vitamin D and Kuddie Fresh (before Kuddie was KUDDIE, you know what I mean). The history below:

After the smoke cleared from Candidt’s 1996 hood classic album “Dookiebraid Soul” he found himself at a crossroads. Main DBS producer M.A.S had gone to LA to produce, drummer Davey C was busy playing and touring with numerous bands and K. Boogie plain and simply hit a rough patch in his life. Candidt did not fret, he teamed up with legendary Seattle producer Vitamin D and up and coming producer and Cousin Kuddie Fresh and created “Agony & Exstasy.” A soulful, lyrical, polished, vibed-out, laser-tongued, head-nodding collection of hip hop many considered as yet another Candidt hood classic album. Written and recorded 1998-2000, many would say that A&E is the sound that really stamped a solid footprint in the world of music for Candidt. The entire album is now available for free download! Enjoy, share and vibe-out to Candidt’s “Agony & Exstasy.”


VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Make A Way” -Th3rdz

This just in from Th3rdz:

Th3rdz back with a bangin homage to mashin.  Mashin is perseverance and diligence. Th3rdz sound and style over this stompin Kuddie Fresh beat is outlined with flow, lyrics, hook and soul. Candidt, Xperience and JFK spit it and pulled off a unique heater over a double break groove.

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DOWNLOAD: “Drunk Raps” – TH3RDZ

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Based on a true story…

Super rap trio TH3RDZ are back with this hilarious track chock full of fun, libations and…well?…bullshit!! Produced by Chonie Diego of Night Fox, this track features each emcee’s true accounts of drunken stupor and frolic.


DOWNLOAD: Dookiebraid Soul (Re-release) – Candidt

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Haven’t listened to this yet, but I figured it couldn’t wait. This weekend Candidt Bandcamped his 1996 “hood classic” Dookiebraid Soul. Consider listening to this a homework assignment for Seattle rap fans who think this sh-t started with Blue Scholars in oh-four.

In 1996 I was a sophomore at Western, probably coming to terms with the fact that all my favorite rap albums from that year originated on the East Coast. Maybe if I’d been hip to what was happening underground in Seattle I wouldn’t have had such a crisis.