DOWNLOAD & REVIEW: Charles – Chev

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Somewhere inside Chev’s 17-track debut album is an outstanding eight to ten song EP, dying to get out. That’s not to say the long-time coming Charles is a disappointment. Rather it’s a greater reflection of an MC who’s had much on his mind for a minute now, too much to adequately express on a few standout guest shots on tracks by more established Town artists (summarized well by the rapper himself, here).

The first time Chev really caught my ear was on “Certitude” (a joint from Common Market’s 2008 Tobacco Road). His deep, commanding delivery added weight to Sabzi’s synth-heavy composition and his reality rap point-of-view counterbalanced RA Scion’s philosophical wanderings. There’s much more of that grounded perspective on Charles. Chev’s preferred lyrical topic is observations on the hustle, and the fact that he’s in the midst of his own makes him an expert. “Simple Math” is an engaging opening track with commanding head-nod courtesy of Jester. “Beau” pays tribute to lost lives and features a dusty jazz-inflected beat by Def Dee. My favorite song here, though, is the Sabzi-produced “Yesterday” which takes Chev’s nostalgic reflections and Hollis Wong-Wear’s swirling guest vocals, and plants them firmly in early 90s R&B territory.

Charles does go on too long, and Chev over-extends himself with the number of verses on a few tracks, but it’s hard to fault him for putting in work. If you’re first hearing him on this album, it’s his vocal aesthetic that will immediately grab you: a low-pitched, technically proficient flow. Chev’s is a fairly new voice in the local scene that resonates much louder than those of many more well-established ones.

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DOWNLOAD: “Yesterday” – Chev (feat. Hollis of Canary Sing)

“Yesterday” indeed. This new joint by Chev is giving me Mossimo dreams and Silver Tab reveries. Hollis does her best T-Boz impression and Sabzi channels Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis behind the boards. I fell into first love on this type of sh-t right here.

Oh yeah, this is from Chev’s upcoming album, Charles. Prepare to wonder where this dude has been all your rap life.


DOWNLOAD: Fuck Your Collab – Chev

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Here’s a nice little collection of tracks on which local spitter Chev (one of the most able MCs currently flying under Town folk’s radars) spits all-important guest bars. Highlight: it includes a couple of joints from what I can only assume is the elusive sampler mixtape from the now-defunct Massline record label. Enjoy for free above and below and watch for the MC’s debut album, Charles, coming soon.