VIDEO: “The B.A.D. Is So Good” – Chimurenga Renaissance (dir. by Dave Wilson)

The plot line for Chimurenga Renaissance’s new video “The B.A.D. Is So Good” is small in scope, but massive in intention. B.A.D. is an acronym for Black American Dream which constitutes everything the video portrays: music, community, aspiration, and the demand for a better tomorrow. “The B.A.D. Is So Good” is a single from CR’s new album, riZe vadZimu riZe, available to stream below and read more about here.


NEW MUSIC: “The B.A.D. Is So Good” – Chimurenga Renaissance

Chimurenga Renaissance - The Bad Is So Good

The dream is the nightmare is the beautiful revery. Chimurenga Renaissance drops knowledge on the B.A.D. (Black American Dream). Zimbabwean harmonies collide with Bomb Squad noize and Shabazz Palaces consciousness on “The B.A.D. Is So Good”. Chimurenga’s DNA is still being sequenced, but click here to find out what we’ve learned thus far.


VIDEO: “It’s Time 4u2go” – Chimurenga Renaissance

Chimurenga Renaissance is Tendai Maraire’s “other” project. This is the one you already know him for. “It’s Time 4u2go” was filmed in the rapper/musician’s native Zimbabwe. Mother Earth politics and the bitter imperialist’s sword are on his mind. (H/T to PIMB.)