NEW MUSIC: “Put It On The Line” – Chops (feat. Prometheus Brown & Bambu)

Chops - Put It On The Line Pro Brown

Chops - Put It On The Line Bam

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really checked for Chops since his Virtuosity compilation album in 2003 — when I burned the deck out in my military green 4Runner bumping this joint — so go figure that it takes a collab with Town representative Pro Brown and de-facto Town rep Bambu to draw me back in to Chops’ roughneck, boom-bap headphone space. “Put It On The Line” premiered live on KEXP and the Soundcloud clip below has been making the Tumblr rounds (h/t to NW Hip Hop).

As far as Chops goes, he’s preparing a new album called Strength In Numbers, which you can support with a few duckets over at the official Kickstarter page.