AUDIO: Life On Other Planets – Graves33 & Diogenes

Graves33 & Diogenes - Life On Other Planets

Graves33 and Diogenes — practiced executors of subterranean rap, par excellence — engineered a slamming six-track entry right underneath your feet. Life On Other Planets is worthy of all the invariable head-nods given by approving headphone critics the 2-0-6 over. It matches this gray overcast more than that global warming shit we had back in July.

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AUDIO: Know Accidents – Diogenes & Phreewil


Diogenes (producer and member of beat head collective Filthy Fingers United) and Phreewil (rhyme-sayer and frequent pusher of buttons himself) crafted this four-piece EP, Know Accidents. Dio’s crafty boom-bap and smart left field sample progressions are paired with Phree’s observational, bragging flow for an absolutely satisfying (albeit too brief) musical handshake.

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