NEW MUSIC: “The Flyest” – Spac3man (prod. by DJ Phinisey)

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Sportn’ Life Records continues its run of drops in celebration of their 10-year anniversary. Here, Spac3man hops on a DJ Phinisey beat for “The Flyest.” Brag rap shit (ho-hum). Listen / download below. While you’re at it, make sure to check out Phinisey’s solo LP too.

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NEW MUSIC: Phinisey – DJ Phinisey

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DJ Phinisey is a name you might not be familiar with but should be. The man has done board work for a number of local artists (Tacoma compatriot, Rockwell Powers, being one of the most formidable) and he’s been known to croon a few bars when the beat calls for it, as well. Phinisey is his first solo release and features a healthy guest list of 206/253 talent: Grynch, RA Scion, Luck-One, John Crown, and Dice among them. Stream it and download for free below.

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DOWNLOAD: The Sandlot: Collective LP – Farid Xan & DJ Phinisey

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This LP popped up in the Inbox a couple days ago and turned out to be a pleasant surprise. MC Farid Xan, a 253 representative by way of the Bay Area collaborated with South Sound producer/singer DJ Phinisey to produce The Sandlot: Collective LP, a 12-track album inspired loosely by the movie of the same name (which, for any kid who spent the greater part of his or her adolescence attempting to hit small spherical objects with sticks, continues to resonate into adulthood). It features Tacoma and Bay Area MC’s of the likes named above. The highlight is the come-up joint, “Dirt to Diamonds,” which features a star-making turn by Justis of Quarter After. Get the album for FREE below and above.


VIDEO: “One Chance” – Rockwell Powers & Ill Pill (feat. DJ Phinisey)

Here’s the fourth video from Rockwell Powers & Ill Pill’s latest album, Kids In The Back 2 (available for FREE here). “Once Chance” was shot at Urban Grace, the MC’s church in the TAC.

This clip might resonate for anyone who grew up going to church, or found church to be a sort of second home later in life. Even though I don’t find myself affiliated with a church (or any sort of organized religion) these days, I still feel that connection when I visit my home town and drive past the spot I grew up attending.

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DOWNLOAD: “Kings & Comics EP” (Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey)

Tacoma emcee Rockwell Powers likes to switch up his collaborative partners on each of his projects. From the straight-forward confident boom-bap of the Kids in the Back LP (with producer Ill Pill), to live party-rocking instrumentation with funk band 10th and Commerce, to the electronic/hip-hop hybrid experimentation of the Pocket Full of Stones EP (with Viper Creek Club), Rockwell is establishing himself as an artist of many tastes.

For his latest project, the Kings & Comics EP, DJ Phinisey is assigned production duties. K&C is Rockwell’s most traditional hip-hop album since Kids, and yet another feather in the cap for the burgeoning 2-5-3 scene. Hit the album cover below for the FREE download link.

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DOWNLOAD: “I Wonder” (Rockwell Powers & DJ Phinisey f/Tunji)

Rockwell Powers’ new track, “I Wonder” confirms the following: a) Dude is the best emcee currently putting it down for the South Sound (word to Fice), b) Tunji is one bad motherf*cker on the mic. Click here to download “I Wonder,” from Rockwell and DJ Phinisey’s Kings and Comics EP, dropping this Friday (8/20). Album art and tracklist below.