NEW MUSIC: $WAMP JAM$ II: MORE $WAMP – Don’t Talk To The Cops!

DtttC - Swam Jams II

Don’t Talk To The Cops! had their swan song performance a few weeks ago at Chop Suey — such an appropriate place for one last go — and I hear it was a natural and zesty enterprise. Unfortunately I wasn’t there. Relive it though on their $WAMP JAM$ II: MORE $WAMP (capital letters and “$”‘s theirs). It’s possible DtttC! invented the Seattle turn-up, a microgenre of the regular turn-up and, many will argue, superior in most ways to the original.


SHOW & TICKET GIVEAWAY: Don’t Talk To The Cops! at Chop Suey – Friday, May 9

DtttC POSTERDon’t Talk To The Cops! have reserved a special place in our hearts with the way resident b-boy, producer and selector djblesOne grinds new wave, punk, hip hop, and (especially) ’90s R&B cuts into a glorious concoction. It’s both nutritional and danceable — like a Vitamix for your ear holes. DtttC! are threatening to perform one final show with a grip of their talented friends Friday night at Chop Suey. Catch blesOne (it’s also his birthday!) and his DtttC! teammates Emecks, El Mizell and Goldbones on us!

To enter to win a pair of tickets to this show, do one of two things: Send us an email at 206upblog(at)gmail(dot)com, OR a tweet to @206upBlog, with the words “TONIGHT DtttC! WILL SAVE MY LIFE!” somewhere in the body of the transmission. We’ll select one name at random and put your name on the list with a plus one. You have nothing to lose except maybe the best night of your life.

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NEW MUSIC: “I’m @ The Ocean Kid” – Don’t Talk To The Cops!

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The press emails from Don’t Talk To The Cops! read like their songs sound: overflowing with exclamations, lousy with strategic emphasis, and more than a little haphazard — all good things. Stimulate your feet with “I’m @ The Ocean Kid,” more of that “raw punk dancing swamp music” (their words) on this day before TGIF.

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DOWNLOAD: “Swag Treated Treated Swag (VCC Remix)” – Don’t Talk To The Cops!

Photo from The Simpsons

The recent DtttC single, “Swag Treated Treated Swag,” gets (ahem) treated with a remix courtesy of Viper Creek Club. DttC drops their new record, Let’s Quit, February 14 on Out For Stardom. Viper Creek Club has a new guitarist and a new EP called Hot Lights coming February 16. And Moe’s not telling the authorities about either.



And now for a more benign video concerning a lady’s shortcomings. It sounds like DTC made this song on Garageband which, of course, makes me like it even more. This video makes me hungry, makes me dance, makes me yearn for simpler times in the Fall when the most critical thing on my dome piece was choosing what color pencil erasers to put on the end of my #2’s.

Also, this gem: