DOWNLOAD: “Be Who You Are” (Dopkwe)

Game Soulo and BeanOne are Dopkwe. Download the under-appreciated, Heroe’s Theme Music for free, here. And the latest track, “Be Who You Are” below. Bean’s production rarely stumbles and it’s damn near impossible for G. Soulo to come off anything but positive. Both of these attributes are what keep this collaborative endeavor fresh.

Click above for the D/L link


What’s a “Dopkwe??”

I just got hip to this free demo download from Dopkwe (the beat/rhyme combo of producer BeanOne and emcee Game Soulo). BeanOne is on his grind, as usual, concocting those left coast underground-flavored beats. And G-Soulo’s high-pitched flow goes nicely over said tracks.

I know Seattle doesn’t have a particular “sound” yet, but I hope that if and when it gets one, Bean’s name is mentioned in the conversation. His resume (Framework, Dyme Def, Choklate) is built solid like Qwest Field.

(Speaking of Frame, Hello World is also available via free download here. I had to scour the entirety of Capitol Hill one sunny day in ’05 to find a used copy of the CD. Too little, too late interwebs!)

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