NEW MUSIC: Hawaii Live, Yo! – EarDr.Umz

EarDrUmz - Hawaii Live Yo front

EarDrUmz - Hawaii Live Yo back

The 808 and 206 share familiar vibes and split-life living rappers like basement smoke sessioners share joints. That is to say: often and easily. Resident selector and hip hop activist EarDr.Umz was the latest to make a trip out the Pacific and he came back with this collection of tunes on his mind. Some of it is familiar, some not so, but it all adds up to a nice listen.

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VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Green Butter” (feat. Rogue Venom) & “Magic Milk” – dr.Oop


206UP.COM missed the 4/20 party yesterday (probably because your dude don’t smoke — ah well). Thanks to MC dr.Oop though for linking me to his hot boxed clip for “Green Butter” (featuring Rogue Venom), released a couple years backĀ on The Grateful Dread LP.

The MC also just made public the follow-up track, “Magic Milk,” which keeps it on the rap-as-recipe tip. Listen closely for how to make magic happen in your kitchen. Both (ahem) joints were produced by the esteemed EarDr.Umz.

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