NEW MUSIC: Colors – Eighty4 Fly

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This drop snuck past me over the weekend. Actually, a lot of stuff has been sneaking past me lately as my writing energies have been focused elsewhere. Pardon me while I play ketchup, ahem, catch-up.

Eighty4 Fly with a new mixtape, Colors, which you’ve probably already seen drops from over the last couple of months. Go here for the download and bump it in your favorite whip.

Audio Downloads

VIDEO: “Do It Big” – Neema (feat. Eighty4 Fly & Lace Cadence)

This video is riding on training wheels. Training wheels with 23 inch rims, but trainers nonetheless. Don’t blame Neema (who seems like a genuinely good dude) for the shots that linger just a little too long. Or the close-ups of Eighty4 Fly’s face that are just a little too close. Regrettably this song also features Lace Cadence, quite possibly the Seattle rapper (term used loosely here) that 206UP.COM appreciates the least. (Okay, go ahead and blame Neema for that one.)


VIDEO: “Confession/Destiny” – Eighty4 Fly

I’m not a huge fan of Eighty4 Fly’s music. His flow is second hand Drake and his radio-targeted steez is too passe to be fully enjoyable. Still, I appreciate dude’s hustle and his videos are always on point (thanks in large part to Jon Augustavo, the talented man behind the lens). The night shots look great in the “Confession” part of the clip and Eighty’s humble grind depicted in the “Destiny” half is endearing. (Apple Jacks for dinner? Yeah, I’ve been there before.) Everybody got their hustle and it’s hard to knock Eighty’s.


DOWNLOAD: “Opus” – J. Pinder feat. Eighty4 Fly, Royce The Choice & Clemm Rishad

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The SEA really lost one when South End native J. Pinder took his cerebral brand of street rap south to the ATL. Thankfully his connection to The Six remains tight-knit in his music. “Opus” is more of that quality life rap where Pinder emotes, but not in a corny fashion. Guest shots from fellow Seattleite Eighty4 Fly, South Sound move-maker Clemm Rishad and California son Royce The Choice. Kuddie Fresh’s soulful slap holds ’em together.

Press Play to listen. Click here to download the track.


DOWNLOAD: Problematic EP – Logics

Logics (aka Young Ghangas) dropped his Problematic EP a few days ago. Click here or the album cover above for the FREE download. I still contend that “Focused” is one of the best locally-released tracks of young 2011 (and that Logics and Geo should do an EP together — material that lets Pro Brown tap into his inner ‘hood identity, an incarnation that we all know exists but hasn’t yet shown itself, at least not fully).

Here are the visual for “Stars & Beyond” (featuring Eighty4 Fly and Brainstorm), one of the tracks off Problematic:

Remember those low-budget Death Row videos that were all over MTV before the label blew? Yeah, this is slightly reminiscent of those: lots of talent and severely limited production value.

No matter. When Logics spits “I represent Asians/Never used it as a crutch,” all is forgiven by this blogger. (I’m Korean — what you ain’t know?) It’s also pretty quaint how they use the Museum Of Flight as the clip’s backdrop. And curious that there isn’t a single neighborhood dimepiece in sight. Women are allowed in the US Air Force too, you know…

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VIDEO: “Hip-Hop Shit” – Eighty4 Fly

I still contend Eighty4 Fly is a mediocre lyricist. An off-brand version of Drake for the 2-0-6 Clear Channel rap heads. Still, I really dig his cut “Hip-Hop Shit,” where the rugged production makes him at least sound more interesting. Not that he cares, but if Eighty kept it grimier, 206UP.COM might become a believer.

(Jon Jon behind the lens, yet again.)