206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet (2.4.11)

Here’s what you do: 1. Click. 2. Listen. 3. Vote.

A quick recap of past winners:

1.14.11 – “Full Speed” by Living Proof feat. Abstract Rude & Michele Wylen

1.21.11 – “Lock It Down, Sew It Up” by A Day And A Wakeup

1.28.11 – “Got It Like That” by 88.206 feat. JDiGs

And now this week’s competitors…

LANE 1: “Thirst” – Luke Rain f/Mikaela Romero

Click Play to listen to “Thirst” by Luke Rain f/Mikaela Romero. Click here to get Luke Rain’s album, Liquid.

LANE 2: “Verbal Assault II” – J-Pros

Hit Play to listen to “Verbal Assault II” by J-Pros. Click here to download their free album, Pacific Central.

LANE 3: “Everytime I Wake Up” – Lions Ambition

Press Play to listen to “Everytime I Wake Up” by Lions Ambition. Visit the group’s website here.

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