AUDIO: Faded – JASN & D-Sea

Faded Cover

The LACOSA camp’s JASN (formerly Mack-E) and D-Sea dropped this collaborative EP called Faded. The on trend production by Radical Kid is a sharp turn away from the duo’s typical backpack stylings (rolling high hats abound here) and the two rappers go in with a harder lyrical sensibility. Check the dope threats on “Forty7” (featuring 206UP favorite Language Arts) for a good sampling.

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VIDEO: “Faded” – Eighty4 Fly

From (two of) the hardest working men in Town rap, emcee Eighty4 Fly and director Jon Augustavo, here’s the music video for “Faded” from Eighty4’s 1st Class In Fly World. (Read my not-so-subtle criticism of that album, here.) The first two-thirds of the clip is like a visit to Cameo City, with members of the local hip-hop community trying on JonJon’s camera rig to varying degrees of amusement and then, aw SNAP!, the last third culminates in…well, I won’t give it away here. Just watch.