Sweet As Choklate

I know this blog is supposed to be dedicated to Seattle-area hip-hop only, but excuse me while I digress for just a moment…

Mary J. may have the national title “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” on lock, but Seattle’s got its very own local hip-hop soul queen and she goes by the name of Choklate. Her latest album To Whom it May Concern is simply astounding! (No need for hyperbole here either, folks. Just listen and you’ll agree.)

Anyway, she’s doing big things as evidenced by this free download. It’s a track called “Film,” produced by 2008 Red Bull Big Tune champ C-Sick. It features Nas on the vocals and none other than Miss Choklate on the chorus. Bump this!

More Choklate…

At Jazz Alley.

“Sun’s Out/Grown Folks” video.

Chok’s talented nephew, KD Cutz, chops up “Sun’s Out” and slaps us across the face with it!

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