VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Gary Payton” – Sam Lachow (feat. Sky Blaow & B Skeez)

Seattle and New York affiliate Sam Lachow’s recent video and single, “Gary Payton,” isn’t exactly an adequate representation of the rest of the music on the do-everything MC/producer/director’s debut album, Brand New Bike (available now on iTunes). That’s a shame, because the somewhat amusing but mostly inane frat boy rap of “Gary Payton” might turn some heads off before giving the rest of the LP a fair shake. Don’t let the Asher Roth-lite stylings of the video turn you away.

Brand New Bike is a lighthearted, breezy ode to weed, summertime leisure, and the DIY rap lifestyle. It’s impressively capable, especially the production which features live instrumentation and a refreshing simplicity that never over-complicates matters. As for the artist, Sam Lachow will never be a threat to immobilize a competing MC (his delivery is like a more robust version of State Of The Artist’s Hyphen8d), but what he lacks in God-given aesthetic, he counters with a quick wit and above-average technical skill. BNB might just suit your needs for that Saturday night deck party, an event Lachow would be happy to crash.

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VIDEO: Sonicsgate (dir. Jason Reid, 2009)

Directed by Jason Reid, Sonicsgate is an in-depth look at the drama surrounding the purchase and subsequent departure of our beloved Supersonics. Using similar tactics as other agenda-progressing documentarians, Reid appeals to the emotions of folks like author Sherman Alexie (one of the film’s prominent subjects), fans whose main source of proverbial sunlight during the dreary 206 winters was the promise of 82 games of Sonics basketball. The film’s lengthy, but if you have any interest whatsoever in what went down, it’s a must-see. It features an impressive group of interviews (including Gary Payton, George Karl, various former Sonics players, and City and State politicians), and the soundtrack is a who’s who in the world of Seattle hip-hop.