VIDEO: “Young Seattle 4 ” – Sam Lachow (feat. B Skeez, Gifted Gab, Raz Simone, Dave B, Key Nyata, & Ariana DeBoo)

Words by Luke Wigren

As I turned the ripe old age of 27 this year, and later as I watched Sam Lachow’s recent video “Young Seattle 4,” I began to wonder to myself: What is “young.” Who has it? Is it a physical state or a media conspiracy designed to make us go to malls? And most perplexing of all: Where does all the old stuff go?

“Young Seattle 4,” the latest in a series which began in 2010, didn’t really answer my questions, but I did like it. The video is not “young” in the sense that we have become accustomed to seeing many of these artists around the Town, but “young” because they do all happen to be among Seattle’s emerging rap vanguard. They face the daunting challenge of taking on the mantle of what, on nearly every measure, was a stellar wave of Sea-town hip hop, from Macklemore’s world domination to the Blue Scholars’ soulful dissent. (“Old Seattle” anyone?)

As if creating art and growing up in the shadow of giants weren’t hard enough, “Young Seattle” is maneuvering the pitfalls of this generation’s age obsession where appealing to Tweens on Snapchat trumps musical ability, where we narrowly obsess over an annual Freshman Class by a print magazine desperately clinging to relevance, and where, well, every 5th rapper is “Young Something.”

The “Young Seattle” new wave promises to be no less stellar than its predecessors, and this video is wonderful for our busted attention spans, but remember a sampler platter does not a meal make. Do as the video was meant to inspire you to do, and dig into the vast trove of music these artists have crafted in such a short time.

Check out Sam Lachow’s latest album, Friends, Funk & Liquor, here.

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VIDEO: “187” – Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab — the best rapper in Seattle (yeah, you heard us right) — released this video for “187” back in June and forgot to tell us about it. We forgive her, though. From Gabby’s Girl Rap LP which is aging like a fine wine.

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VIDEO: “Same Problems” – Raz Simone (feat. Gifted Gab & Fatal Lucciauno)

In “Same Problems,” Raz Simone continues to give musical life to oft-aired frustrations within the Seattle hip-hop community — including among its observers, listeners and fans — that don’t typically find their way onto wax; at least not in the full-bodied way displayed in this and other recent clips. There are a grip of reasons as to why that is, and they are as intertwined as an iPod headphone cord buried at the bottom of your backpack.

“Same Problems” (which features cameo bars from Gifted Gab and Fatal Lucciauno) goes beyond the tired “rap beef” label that many folks will want to place on it, and exposes a hierarchy — musical, cultural, economical, and, not least of all, racial — that everyone knows exists but is afraid to discuss openly. How do we grow beyond the stale dialogue that permeates the majority of discussion surrounding hip-hop in the Town? Only one is truly eating right now, and whatever trickles down from his mouth is just crumbs.

Expect to hear more on this topic on Raz’s upcoming Macklemore Privilege & Chief on Keef Violence EP coming March 3.

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PHOTO SET: Miss Casey Carter 4 Year Anniversary Party at Neumos – Friday, 1.16.15


Seattle media giant Miss Casey Carter celebrated her company’s four years in existence last Friday night at Neumos. Gifted Gab, Brothers From Another, Bruce Leroy, Tre Ross, Leezy Soprano, and Sneak Guapo all shared the bill (in addition to some surprise guests). Photographer Rafy Ochoa paid camera respects for 206UP.

Miss Casey Carter & Flywheel Present: MCC 4 Year Anniversary Party | Neumos | Friday, January 16, 2015

Photography by Rafael Ochoa.

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NEW MUSIC: G-Shit – Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab - G Shit

The hottest rapper in Seattle — for our money, anyway — is Gifted Gab and it’s been incredible watching the evolution of the supremely talented MC move from tongue-twisting brag rap to a self-assured songwriter who incorporates doses of singing into soulful hip-hop/R&B arrangements. Check out that steez on her new three-song EP, G-Shit.


NEW MUSIC: “Contra” – Thaddeus David (feat. Gifted Gab; prod. by Stewart Villain)

Thaddeus David - Contra

Thaddeus David gears up for his upcoming EP with Portland producer Stewart Villain (due October 13). “Contra” co-stars the buzzing Gifted Gab. Snaps to TH for letting Gabby hop on just to kill him. (Good thing he’s got those 30 extra lives.)


NEW MUSIC: Girl Rap – Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab - Girl Rap

For our money, Seattle’s most exciting lyricist of the moment might be Moor Gang’s Gifted Gab. From out the blue, she dropped a new mixtape yesterday: Girl Rap. It features a grip of the usual Moor suspects but Gabby outshines — and outpaces — them all.

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