NEW MUSIC: Adding to the Extra – RA Scion & Todd Sykes

Click album cover to purchase.

Click album cover to purchase.

RA Scion and Todd Sykes ensure the grand tradition of sample-based boom-bap stays alive in a synth and EDM dominated landscape. Adding to the Extra is an example of hip-hop convention done right: Sykes chops up loops and layers drums like a master lasagna chef (mmm, lasagna) and RA adds his trademark lyrical density about the proletariat class. This is music for the communal masses to carry around in their backpacks.


VIDEO: “Guttersnipe Bridge” – RA Scion (prod. by Todd Sykes; dir. by Garrett Gibbons)

RA Scion, the most professorial MC in Town, has a new full-length coming out soon called Adding to the Extra (March 19). It’s produced entirely by City Hall’s Todd Sykes and is a sample-based, boom-bap affair that trends toward ’90s traditionalism (Golden Era enthusiasm?). “Guttersnipe Bridge” is the first video from the new shit.