VIDEO: “For The Love” – Harry Clean (feat. Dave B, JusMoni & YK Ari)

Harry Clean (of venerated Town rap video production house Detooz Films) presents his first short film/music video in which he appears as the primary star and performer. Harry pulls out all the stops for this one, including a trippy dream sequence (or is it a blunted reality?), images of him and the crew posted in the parking lot, and a grip of dope cameos from members of the Seattle hip-hop community.

For more on Harry and his hustle, check out the Q&A we did with him earlier in the year.



VIDEO: “Barkada” – The Bar (dir. by Harry Clean of Detooz Films)

Barkada is the answer to the question: “Can Prometheus Brown and Bambu just make an album of slick-ass fuckin’ raps over slappin’ beats?” The title track makes it so. Produced by 206 fixture Bean One and directed by Harry Clean of Detooz Films.


THE SIX: Featuring Harry Clean of Detooz Films

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THE SIX is a regular interview feature on 206UP.COM with a simple format: One member of the local hip hop community and six questions. For past editions click here.

If you watch Seattle hip hop music videos with any regularity, then you already know Harry Clean’s work, even if you don’t really know Harry Clean’s work. That telltale piercing sound of glass shattering into a million high-definition shards adorns the intro to dozens of music videos branded with the Detooz Films logo, Harry’s production company.

Dude first hit the 206UP inbox in late 2010, eager as all hell to get his burgeoning collection of video interviews up on our humble outlet. Since then, his eye for sharp angles and smart concepts have blessed the videos for virtually every major name in Town rap. Harry is one of a few talented and innovative videographers lending their creative energies to Seattle hip hop — Zia Mohajerjasbi, Stephan Gray and Ryan Hills are a few others — but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more prolific.

Thanks to Harry Clean for taking some time out to answer THE SIX.

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NEW MUSIC: None The Less – Thaddeus David

Thaddeus David - NoneTheLess

Thaddeus David has stayed crazy active in the lead-up to his latest album, None The Less. Check past mp3 and video drops here. The new 12-track LP features a gonzo-style cover (above) and is apparently heavily influenced by pizza (see the latest video, directed by Harry Clean of Detooz Films, below). Thaddeus describes NTL as an extension of Trapital Trill “with an elevated twist.”

(Also, who remembers the ubiquitous chain of cheap-o pizza joints in Bellingham called Pizza Time? It’s likely 70% of all dinners I consumed between September of 1995 and June of 2000 [aka my college undergrad years] were prepared by the good folks at “Pizza Slime,” as my college roommates and I lovingly bequeathed them. Here’s to mystery meat and “cheese” you can blow bubbles with.)

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VIDEO: “Air Em Out” – Steezie Nasa (feat. D Valley)

The latest collab from Moor Gang member Steezie Nasa and Harry Clean of Detooz Films concerns some less-than-reputable behavior. Dig it. (D Valley is the guest and Raised By Wolves the pad jockey.)


VIDEO: “Keyed Decisions” – Cam The Mac (dir. by Harry Clean of Detooz Films)

Moor Gang affiliate Cam The Mac is based and keyed in this new video by Harry Clean of Detooz Films. Play name-that-VHS while adjusting the fucking tracking on your set. Raise your hand if you miss the janky days of video tapes. Me too.

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