NEW MUSIC: “Inception” – Fleeta Partee (prod. by Vitamin D)

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The Central District’s Fleeta Partee is an OG of the Seattle rap game. His upcoming LifeMuzik EP features production by Vitamin D and Jake One. “Inception” is the new single. SEA street knowledge exemplified, it’s worth the 99 pennies.


DOWNLOAD: Spekulation – Spekulation

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This brief 5-track self-titled EP from Spekulation is sneaky-good. The compositions are the mark of an MC and collaborator (Nate Omdal) not content on building simple boom-bap just for the sake of delivering bars, but an honest attempt at combining unexpected musical constituents.

The previously-released single, “Something is Happening Here,” successfully combines a Bob Dylan sample (“Ballad of a Thin Man”) with driving hip-hop rhythm, and “Inception” finds Spek rhyming like his life depends on it over a Celtic-inspired backing track. Get the EP for free below or throw some cash the artists’ way, too.