REVIEW: Smell the DA.I.S.Y. – De La Soul

De La Soul - Smell the DAISYDe La Soul
Smell the DA.I.S.Y.
Self-released; 2014

Score (Potholes In My Blog scale): 4 / 5

De La Soul prepare for a big 2014 with the first of three planned releases: Smell the DA.I.S.Y., a free mixtape available via BitTorrent, is a reworking of classic De La raps over previously unreleased J Dilla instrumentals. It’s both charming for fans of the legendary rap crew and reverent to the late, great producer and his family. Read what else I had to say about it, here.

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DOWNLOAD: Live Footage Plays Jay Dee – Live Footage

(Video courtesy the band’s YouTube page.)

Last Sunday night, at the recommendation and behest of my lady and her very good friend, I went to Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side to see Live Footage, a Brooklyn-based duo who use live recorded loops to construct not-so-on-the-fly compositions. While it’s not a totally novel idea (see: Animal Collective), this particular LF show was appealing to me because of the covers (actually more like re-interpretations) of J. Dilla instrumentals.

In fact, as an homage to the late great producer, the band recently dropped a mixtape called Live Footage Plays Jay Dee which consists of eight Dilla covers. You can grab that at the Orisue homepage, here. LF’s craft and the acute attention to detail their live presentation requires would probably be respected by Jay considering how meticulously he crafted his beats.

Here’s the original version of “Lightworks”:

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