DOWNLOAD: “One Way Road” (Dyme Def prod. Jack the Ripper)

Party histrionics and elevated sh*t-talk may be their forte, but Dyme Def is (and has been) way more complex than that. Introspective cuts like “One Way Road” prove it. Click below to download the track, and then go check out the album it appears on: Producer Jack the Ripper’s compilation LP, Don’t Look Back.

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DOWNLOAD: “Don’t Look Back” (Jack The Ripper f/Prometheus Brown, Sol & Scribes)

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Ever wonder what it would sound like if you dropped three Seattle emcees in a European nightclub, cued-up a techno-infused pop/dance track, and let them spit bars over it? Producer Jack the Ripper’s new single, “Don’t Look Back,” helps answer that question.

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