NEW MUSIC: Seaplane – Jake One

Jake One - Seaplane

Your annoying friend who’s trying to become a rapper probably spent all weekend writing rhymes over this Jake One beat tape. Either that or he just got high and watched football while this played in the background.

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NEW MUSIC: “Boathouse” – Dave B (feat. Sol; prod. by Jake One)

Dave B - Boathouse

Dave B and Sol lament tragic female figures on this new joint; I think the commonly used term is “jump offs”. In any case, the hazy, neon-lit beat is courtesy of Jake One and it knocks ever so smoothly in the din of a hot-boxed “Boathouse”. Not that I would know or anything.


VIDEO: “The Making of the Beat for Drake’s ‘Furthest Thing'” – Jake One

Beat heads and production nerds should make note of Jake One’s Snare Jordan project. The venerable Seattle producer has packaged drum kits and various sound effects for sale, so you too can bring all of your bedroom production dreams to fruition. The website also features a great series of videos where Jake walks you through his methods. This week: Drake’s “Furthest Thing”.


VIDEO: Do The Math Podcast – Episode 2 with Deven Morgan & Jake One

There has been a recent movement in the Town toward documenting, both aurally and visually, the rap-related things happening inside the bounds of this fair area code. From the good folks at Mad NW who are responsible for the excellent local rap documentary The Otherside, to blogger Jack Devo’s online vault of Seattle music rarities, and finally to the burgeoning Do The Math podcast, created and hosted by 206 hip hop superfan Deven Morgan.

Meant to be a StoryCorps of sorts strictly for the Seattle rap nerd set, Deven is both honest and earnest in his love for Town hip hop. Episode 2 features the vital producer Jake One waxing nostalgic about creating records in the former heyday of Seattle hip hop. Do The Math seeks to highlight the so-called “second wave” of Seattle rap, the time and artists just after Sir Mix-A-Lot’s apex, but before the rise of Blue Scholars and Macklemore. These are the typically forgotten artists, best represented by the loose collective known as Tribal Music whose Do The Math compilation album, released in 1996, is both the namesake and spiritual foundation for Deven Morgan’s podcast endeavor.

I can’t claim any amount of authority over Tribal or Do The Math other than what I’ve read — and heard — since starting this blog in earnest four and a half years ago. I will say, though, that Tribal’s brand of hip hop is the type to which I’ve always been most drawn in life. DTM is a Golden Era revivalist’s wet dream, created on the tail-end of that movement’s waning years* a time when rap music, it seemed, was less about singular identities and more about the movement. That’s fairly nebulous, I suppose, but so becomes history when the great windshield wiper of the mind blurs and distorts your recall over time. Thank the rap gods, then, that someone is committing these things to permanent record.

*Technically it’s post-Golden Era, but things arrive late in Seattle. So be it.

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NEW MUSIC: Left In The Deck – Brother Ali (prod. by Jake One)

H/T to Ego Trip for this one. Brother Ali hits us with a 10-track collection of outtakes, playable as a “cassette tape”, and produced entirely by Jake One. “The beats are grimy and I feel like this is some of the best rhyming I’ve ever captured on tape. I want to release this directly to you,” said the Rhymesayers MVP.

Happy weekend, family.


NEW MUSIC: The Jake One-Ders – The Best Men

The Jake One-Ders - Jake One

New ideas restored from an old format. That’s the way I’ve always described the production acumen of Jake One. Passion of the Weiss basically feels the same way, which is where I got put on to this compilation of some of Jake’s best.

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NEW MUSIC: “This Is Hip Hop” – Fleeta Partee (feat. Jarrard Anthony, Yirim Seck & John Crown; prod. by Jake One)

This Is Hip Hop - Fleeta Partee

Blog favorite Fleeta Partee is preparing a remix album follow-up to last year’s Lifemuzik. It is aptly titled Lifemuzik Duex. Big talent can be found on the first release, “This Is Hip Hop”, in the form of Jarrard Anthony, Yirim Seck, John Crown, and Jake One.