NEW MUSIC: Start Here EP – Janae Jones

Janae Jones - Start Here EP

MC, singer, producer, and photographer Janae Jones quietly released this atmospheric two-piece about three weeks ago. The Start Here EP is a brief electronic whisper featuring Janae’s esoteric musings and a promise that “This is only the beginning”. Self-produced with a little help from GMK; check for it below.


DOWNLOAD: “I Think I Love You” – State Of The Artist f/Janae Jones

Click image for D/L link.

New drop from State Of The Artist: “I Think I Love You.” It’s available for the price of four clicks above and below. This electro-hip/pop banger grabs you like the over-eager girl on the dance floor. The SOTA boys spit PG-13 come-ons suitable for the bedroom or the club. The best part, though, is Janae Jones’ flirtatious contemplations. She sounds like the sexiest conflicted android since Rachael in Blade Runner.


DOWNLOAD: “Sleeping With A Ghost (10.4 Rog Remix)” (Mash Hall)

There are remixes, and then there are remixes. Renton’s 10.4 Rog makes the latter: reinterpretations of songs that don’t necessarily improve on the original source material, but build upon it.

Mash Hall’s Janae Jones and BlesOne already sounded like they were close to bedtime on “Sleeping With a Ghost.” 10.4 Rog’s invention puts them in full rapid eye movement, however, drenching their vocals in echo-y synth and hand claps. Click here for the download link.

Rog already has an album’s worth of compositions. Check for those, here. Like a utility player on a baseball field, however, he doesn’t seem to have a true position in any particular genre. It will be exciting to see what an Official 10.4 Rog Album sounds like.